Monday, February 22, 2010

Glitter, Glue and Graphics, Oh my! And first"Brag Monday" submissions..

Shoot! I got glitter glued onto my USMC  (Marine) sweatshirt today! Ackk, is nothing sacred? I'm sure there is some former Drill Instructor in the "Heavens" rolling over in his Grave!

 Productive day though!

Hat for Luanne for her B-Day party at Joyworks tomorrow. I know she doesn't read blogs so I'm safe posting!

Luanne really likes to garden and loves the color red, so it was fun to make her something along that motif.

I used this great wrap we have at Joyworks , cut out a larger of the birds and glued it to cardstock so it was doubly thick and added a bit of foam board behind it, to give it a bit more depth. Then I glittered it and glittered some little silver butterflies and added  vintage aqua flowers and of course, crepe paper festooning. This batch was my own this time, turned out pretty cute I think!
Stop by Jana's blog for our store and see what's fun and new! She posts almost every day!

I also painted some terra cotta pots with Chalk paint for Luanne to label as she sees fit. . I'll add some flowers and or herbs to the pots tomorrow before the party,,,,,whatever "looks" right. I'll post those tomorrow with the Joyworks Party pics.  I won't be able to write on them when I give them to her though, ugh, because it's supposed to "cure" for 3 days or so! Oops! Well, she'll get to write/do what she wants!


I also Joined "Brag Monday," Karen's event at the Graphics Fairy blog. Here are two items I created using her graphics.

Well then, I've been drooling over graphics over at the Graphics Fairy  and finally figured out how to print the darn stuff..I know, I know, Computer  AND camera challenged! But, I found this cute Birthday Graphic and embellished it with glitter (hard to see in photo) crepe paper and some great printed ribbon from the Five Dollar French Market. If you have never been to their Etsy site, well then you aren't livin'! Everything they sell is $5,,,,,and if you are a francophile, check it out!!!

I also found this wonderful Image from Karen's site  (Graphics Fairy) and I absolutely LOVE it! How cute are these little feather babies? Again, Still getting used to the new camera, but I just glittered the Chicks a bit in Yellow, double faced it with Green Card Stock on the back, a couple of scrunched rayon ribbons for a hanger and a bit of festooning  and some vintage flowers.

Earlier today, I visited a new site that was mention on the Graphics Fairy site,,,,imagine that!  Jax and Jewels make some really fun stuff! They are making the E-Vite for the Mad Hatter's Event coming up which you will be undoubtably see EVERYWHERE  soon! They make darling papergoods and they had a quick crafting tutorial for paper flowers. Well, I decided to make a few today, Fast and fun!  I added a bit of glitter (does that surprise you?) and a few ribbons to mine.
Stop by their site and say hi!

And I started on a few new Birthday hats for Etsy (ack, I have nothing  to speak of in there right now!)
 Here's one for a little Butterfly princess somewhere!

I should have been outside more, but there were glitter fairies in the Studio, so I decided to take advantage!

Hope you enjoyed your day, whatever you did!


  1. I love the sweet birdies! Did you print this out on fabric or paper? It's gorgeous!

    I adore all the new creations!!

    Love you more than my luggage!

  2. Hi Shelly,
    You did a fabulous job on all of these pieces!! I just adore your style! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations for "Brag Monday".

  3. Hi Shelly!

    Everything is fab!! I think I've been to that etsy store but I'm going to double check!

    I transferred the graphic onto the fabric by using t-shirt transfers. I learned today that there is also clear ones which I didn't know.

    Sometimes I print directly onto the fabric itself but you're limited there to 8-1/2 by 11.


  4. Hi Shelly! Thanks so much for the shout out!! And we LOVE your flowers!! That glitter really does the trick! And are those doilies we see there? Too cute!!!

  5. THANKS GIRLS, stay in touch!



  6. She will love the hat... I just love everything you create!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Shelly,
    I love your creations!!!


  8. Hi Shelly,
    love your birdies - they came out great.
    Thanks for sharing
    have a great day

  9. Thanks for popping by my blog! I'm following two of your's now and so impressed with your projects! Am going to check out Timi's blog too! And I love 5DollarFrenchMarket on Etsy. LOVE THEM!

  10. Shell,
    Duh....the metal flower is in the back and you were just here..

  11. Duh! I love you madly and I'll pick it up soon! Thank you! So glad to have you and Mary in my life!

    I didn't even think about it when I stopped by! Just love to drop in and see what's new in the shop And in your lives!!

    Hugs and love,

  12. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! I love your work and am so happy to have found you through OWOH! Fab. hats! Kristin xo

  13. Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for posting the lovely comment on my blog. Thanks for the keeping in touch note!



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