Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Computer glitches/ lost emails and the likes!

I had a Contractor working on my garage that stopped by this afternoon and said he couldn't post to my email (?) He got some message that it was full.......I have had problems with Microsoft Mail for quite some time and although I have run virus scans and the likes, I've never figured out WHY I don't get emails or can't send them to some folks .(The ugly Mail Daemon shows up in my mailbox)

I have had comments on my prior posts such as  for "Brag Monday" but no posts on Luanne's party which seems a bit strange! Because I've seen the "Traffic Feed" in my sidebar............. IF you can just say hi or whatever and let me know that my blog is working,OR send me a shout to my email! I'd appreciate it! Not sure if it's my computer, blogland  or AOL,,,,,,,,,,

Any insight or suggestions are welcome,,,,,,,this is a PAIN!!!

Thanks for any hints/patience or replies!


  1. There is nothing worse than computer problems. I feel your pain!

  2. But changing your e-mail provider.
    I'm at There you can read his e-mails online and is not dependent on Microsoft.
    I sent you yesterday an e-mail that has come back.
    I have today sent off again.


  3. I hate when that happens.
    It is a pain!!

  4. Sorry to hear this. Hope you get it working again...


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