Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wow! 6 prizes,,,I'm honored!

Well, Imagine my surprise when I came home from work tonight and found out that I won yet another prize from the OWOH Giveaway!
Sabine from had sent me a message that I won her giveaway as well!
Very fun Art! Danke, Sabine! "Das is sehr schoen!"

Sabine lives in East Germany, my mother was born in Germany near Weisbaden in the West. 15 years ago, after being suddenly widowed, I went back to college and I took a year or so of German (My mother advised me to take Spanish, even though German was her native tongue),,,"Spanish would be so much easier," she said. But I said that the German language-which I used to hear all of them speaking growing up (and wondering if they were talking about ME, or secrets) was what I truly wanted to learn, as a part of my heritage.

So, I took the German classes, and did fairly well, and THEN when I went to visit my half sister (that is a whole other story if you dont' know me and one I will sometime explore on my other blog) and my sister would wince when I used the wrong pronoun,-informal in conversations with other Germans.....And I thought, "Well, I'm an American and at least I'm trying!!!"

So my German is rough,,,,but it got me through airports and banks and even in Eastern parts of France,,,,,,,where they speak both, but little English. But, if you don't USE it,,,you LOSE it!!  So, sorry Sabine and sorry Sis Patty, I guess I need a visit to brush up!!!

Fun to win a prize from Germany! Sabine is very talented!!! Thank you!

Six wonderful prizes from six very talented and wonderful Ladies!! How fun!


  1. Oh you lucky girl!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday my lovely friend!

    Love you more than my luggage,


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