Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flip-Flops in February

Ask many natives of Western Washington if they have an umbrella and they'll look at you like you have two heads. Ask the same group how many pairs of flip flops or sunglasses they own and they'll uncandidly reply.
Ironic, given that we get more rain per capita than any other state in the Union. We also have the largest sunglass sales in the Country. (Because it generally is SO long between solar showings, that we LOSE or misplace them!)

So today, I was not surprised, given our marvelous weather once again, to see families and shoppers in the Historical Shopping district to be donning either, or BOTH!. I actually observed one couple sitting in the window well of our shop appearing to be sunbathing!

Bikes, motor or otherwise prolifferated the main street and the opening "whoosh" of parachutes could be heard from the nearby airport.

I'd surmise by the early morning chorus of birds courting, starting their nests and raising a chatter that exceeds any "canned" bird songs you can purchase for your CD player that THEY KNOW that there will be no true winter in the PNW.

Damn the slugs, the bugs, the allergies and Thank you Lord for a break from the rain,cold and dark! After last year, we'd all love a break! (Clarice, my boss at Joyworks was perusing the weather reports we keep at the store to track business and we had SNOW last year in March!) No repeat performance please!

If your blessed with good weather, make the MOST OF it, if your snowed in still, or more you are in my thoughts! Put your flip flops on and maybe you too will be transported emotionally or physically to a warmer place,,,,,if only for a while!

I'm off,,,,to dig through my closet for appropriate footwear for tomorrow,,,,,Okay that may be rubber boots in the garden still,,,,,,,,,,but IN the garden in Feb???? Gotta love it!!

Check in Tuesday eve for pics and posts for our Darling Luanne's,,,,,,,,Birthday Celebration (of course!) at Joyworks!

Hugs and love!

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  1. Hi Shelly! Thanks for stopping by!! Your blog is so beautiful!! And we love the Alice Cake Topper! Hope to see your paper flowers pics soon!! Enjoy the B-Day party!!


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