Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When the "tough get's goin', " Create!

So Today? I made Bird Ornaments.......

And,,,,I think the words I used were appropro..........
"Believe" in Change......



My Joyworks "gang" gifted me with over $150 dollars in Craft Gift Cards for my Birthday! They were perfect gifts,,,,because well, we all need supplies,,,,,

I picked up Michael Mead's Holiday Magazine .....and let me tell you,,,,,it is FANTASTIC! The best idea magazine I've bought in a LONG time. (Shout out to Amy Power's whom I met last November at Silver Bella,,,,,she's got a 4 page spread in there too! YGG!)

Anyway, I just kind of used the Bird Template that they used for a Card and modified it into an Ornament.....
There are 100's of Ideas in the Magazine,,,,,some you could make "as is," or put YOUR own spin on it! "Traditional" items, as well as many NEW twists! I highly recommend this Issue! You'll go back to it again and again for inspiration!

Again, I cannot begin to say how blessed I feel by friends right now. I'm embarrased to say how many friends jumped to my rescue in SO many ways and I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.  It means more than I can ever say......

I like to think I'm strong.....can handle it ALL myself. I guess the one thing I've learned as of late,,,,that I truly, am NOT all by myself. And I feel SO blessed! And yes, I'll get through all of "this" and once again, I'll grow stronger. I've survived Divorce, widowhood, 2 Tours of my son in Iraq. I've faced financial hardships before....I changed careers, returned to College late in life,,,,,,,and? I've cleaned up Cat puke!
I'm basically strong and some days I don't WANNA BE!
(Insert the "I Will Survive" song here!)

I was hurt, deceived and angry,,,,and yet now my heart overflows with gratitude and love. Thank you. I'm putting this all to rest and moving on. I've "flushed" the proverbial 'Pity Pot' and I'm looking towards the future! And I'm Excited,,,,,about Change, new projects, new goals.

( I have to share the "Pity Pot" reference with you........When I was widowed, back in 1994,,,I connected with a lot of more "mature" widows and widowers." One 80's something woman listened to my story and tears and told me, "It's OKAY to sit on the "Pity Pot" once in a while, as long as you remember to FLUSH when you're through!") Words to live by, I'm sure. We cry, rave, rant and then,,we just need to MOVE on!

Ohhhhhhh, SUCH Big hugs and Love to you all. I cannot believe the support! You are all the Bestest!
And oh yeah.... I haven't given one in a while,,,,You get A big old noisey "Bus" on the Cheek!




  1. Your bird ornaments are wonderful. Blissful inspirations...

  2. These are such sweet ornaments! I make ornaments for all of those who support our ministry each Christmas. I wonder if I could whip up 100 or so of these this month!

    bee blessed

  3. Love these birds, Shell!! Are you selling some? I will have to search out that Christmas inspiration book here :) Such a cute saying from your friend :)

  4. Know that's the Shell I know and love!! Gotta say the bird ornaments are fabulous!!

  5. Those bird ornaments are adorable, Shell!! Good for you to keep on keepin' on . . . FLUSH!!!!!

    Love you bunches and bunches!!!!!


  6. So good to see you at the show, Shell!! Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, yeas, you are more than welcome to use my pictures!! Big hugs,

  7. This is SUCH a meaningful post!! Thanks for the uplifting words! And yes, moving on is so much better than sitting on that pot for too long!!

  8. Shell,
    I want to know what is wrong...I will go back and read and see if I missed something. Sometime I want to talk to you about widowhood...I want to be a singer of that song, too!
    Big ones,


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