Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moi Sharing a Birthday with my dear Rita.......Show/Store and Blessings!

I wasn't going to post until after the Ruffles and Rust event this weekend, BUT,,,,,,,amidst the CHAOS of Jana, Jill, Me, and Kim getting ready for said event, Someone (Penny?) managed to take a couple pictures at Rita and My, Birthday Celebration at Joyworks yesterday morning. ..... (Rita and I share a Birthday every year,,,,,,exactly a Week apart!)

(Happy "50th" again, for Moi and Rita!)

To say it was a CRAZY morning, is putting it lightly! So,,,,here's the dealy-o: Many of us were getting ready for  the"Ruffles and Rust" event. Packing/pricing, getting ready to set up a "do" the show.

I have my own booth....
Kim (our baby Joyworker) has HER own booth.....
Jana is "doing a JOYWORKS booth..........

And oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,Penny is helping Me,,,,,,Luanne is Kim's Mom and I'm sure took and active roll in getting ready for the event too,,,,,and Jill is helping Jana........Oh,,,,,,,,and by the way??? The Joyworks STORE still has to be open and fully functional, because they get busy DURING the event!!!! Do the Math, if you'd like,,,,but we're all hoppin' in some respect to keep all the "balls in the air!"

(Silly Rita, my "Birthday partner", hiding behind a Hydrangea.......Love her!)

So? At the Party? Most of us were like "Deer in the Headlights, or Well, you might say...a  tad bit ADD! Not a birthday for ONE,,,,,but for TWO.......and the day before show Set up. But, it was too fun! We had a GREAT breakfast........Fun & creative Gifts from the "Bestest" Co-workers.........Even though many of us felt like we were headed for the "Starting Gate."

Love my Rita Girl,,,,,she and I will spend a day together SOON doin' girl things! And,,,,,Love my Joyworks girls,,,,,,,,,You always throw the BEST parties!

(Some of the "Gang")

And Big love, appreciation and respect for Clarice,,,,,,,,,"Our fearless leader." Joyworks would NOT have continued/grown, flourished for 32 years without her. These shows are a TON of work. And  it's hard for shop owners when these events occur and their staff takes part

But, for me, part of the way I "think" now,,,,,part of what I do,,,,,,,,,,,is a direct reflection of having Clarice and ALL the Joyworks Gals in my life. I have learned to look at things a bit different. So,,,,,,,"Sorry Clarice that I'm not working this weekend,,,,,and THANK YOU Clarice for your Visions, your Creativity.....YOU, Jana  and  the Joyworks crew, have Changed my life, my thinking, in SO, so many ways! (Including Rita insisting that we're still 50 each year!)

Hope we ALL have a fun, successful, creative and love-filled weekend! I'm Blessed with the BEST!
In work, in Life and my Blog friends! (Can't WAIT to share you images of the Vendors and Booths---Ackkk!)

(Takin' a Hot Soak in the tub and callin it good! Back to "fluff" R&R tomorrow!) More to follow!

Big Hugs, LOVE and a  grateful Bus on the Cheek!

Hope we ALL have a FUN and Success-filled Weekend! (Whatever you DO!)

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  1. I know you will be brilliant this weekend! Good luck sweetie and Happy 50th!!!



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