Monday, October 10, 2011

Once again I'm trying to post in this new format.....I uploaded "Google Chrome" to support this new system,,,,but my Toolbar is at "Half Mast." IN other words, I SEE half of each Icon that supports Fonts/ Editing and well, yeah, pictures.

I have Been So busy, between working and getting ready for the "Ruffles and Rust" Event in a few weeks anyway,,,,I haven't taken any pics!

But Fall is definetly here in Western goes from cold/warm, Sun/Rain......and everything in between! One of the things I fell in love with Last Fall, was, "Carmel, Apple Cider!" Great for when you want a BIT of Sweet,,,,no more caffeine and a "touch of Fall!"

Torani? The folks that make all those Flavors that you ask for in your coffees at the Latte' stands, make a GREAT Light Caramel Syrup........Which you can add to Cider,,,,,along with Mulling Spices or a Cinnamon Stick and  whole Cloves!

Hope you are enjoying the "fruits" of Fall and doing what you Love to do! I'm feeling a BIT ADD-I seem to have a LOT of projects that need to be finished in the next week or so..........

Frankly, I have reached a point of decisions. I support myself. I work weekends at my Beloved Joyworks, and rely on my Rental Cottage for the rest of my income-and I'm owed more than 3 months rend.. And, well, I pick up extra's doing my Crafts/orders and Shows.

This next couple of weeks, is going to be a BIG deciding factor as to HOW I proceed. ....Scarey? you Betcha! So,,,,,I'm going to seriously ask for prayers/ guidance/wisdom and input from ALL of YOU! I need your thoughts and insight more NOW than ever.

I've had lots of kind and dear messages from a LOT of you as of late on Facebook and via Email. Thank you.  It means the World right now!

Hugs, Love and a Thankful "Bus"

Love and Hugs to you All!

(Belated Birthday Wished to Lulu.......and today is Lynn Steven's Bday!) I'm blessed to have a LOT of Libra's in my life!


  1. Great treasure I found in your blog. I have just become one of your followers so will be able to see all your beautiful cards when you blog them.

  2. Shell- I will keep you in my prayers my friend. Change can be good- opening new doors can be life changing- but it's all hard and it's scary.

    Your talents for creativity are immense- but I can imagine it is hard to feel the pressure to always be creating.

    I believe you are at a crossroads in your life- I'm praying that the road that calls you will be one that brings you less stress and more stability in your life.

    Expect an email from me ---

    Love you-

  3. Thats whats up with my toolbar- (smacking myself upside my head) Couldn't figure out what was going on! LOL

    Shell I'll keep you in my prayers for the right decision that they will come easy for you, Scary yes but you'l know what to do when the time comes!
    Thank you for the B-Day wishes!!!!!
    Hugs Lynn


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