Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Don't Covet your Ideas"........I LOVE This!

First of all, I'm sorry, if last Evening I sounded like I was giving up the "Blog Ship!" I've truly been So busy and recent postings, which I THOUGHT were fun/enlightening or Creative,,,,,,,,and too a bit of Time to post.....I had a "Moment" or Two where I questioned  What I was spending time on! I'm sorry. I truly LOVE my Blog friend,,,,readers/commenters or otherwise. I just feel a BIT (?) spread thin and wondered whether anyone was really Reading this,,,,,,,or whether I was just Talking/Typing  to thin air! Truly,,,,,,,,,,,
I am grateful to have Blog friends and followers,,,,,so forgive my "Pity Pot" moment!

So? If you've followed my Blog for a while,,,,,,,You KNOW, I throw it "all" out there. My life? Well yeah, pretty much an open Book. And Things I create, techniques, ideas,,,,,,,and well, I don't hold back! You can copy my stuff........ ("Hello" 'friends in China, India, or other Third World Countries,,,,,that somehow managed to find their way to my little blog.........)

I SEE you! You're in my Traffic Feed and I stop and think, I HOPE you're getting a decent wage for what YOU are doing/copying..........
Otherwise, WHY would people from Cambodia, Sri Lanka and the likes be looking at MY Blog? (And I'm sure others......) Hey they're doing their jobs, and my stuff isn't licensed. And I think I/WE should feel a BIT flattered that they're looking at what we're making/doing ...........

That all Said? I LOVE THIS Quote/Post from my Friend Linda Morrison........of "Luluz" Fame.........

We may be "emulated" by a friend, or, "copied' by some Company,,,,,,,bottom line is- Continuing to Create,,,,New, Fresh Innovative items/venues,,,,,,that just have a "Twist" that is you,,,,,,,and you alone!
Check your Ego/Creative liscensing at the door.....we live in an age where what we create/share WILL be reproduced and marketed. So,,,,,,,,Whaddya Got? Let it Go and Move on!

Enjoy your Sunday! "If you Create it, 'They will come.' Get over it! And move on to the NEXT idea!

Hugs, Love and a Creative "bus"!


  1. Oh yes! I get to be your first comment because I am on the bus with you on this girl! Creative ownership of ideas just drives me crazy! My college professor didn't ask for part of my paycheck after I graduated and got a job. I paid for him to teach me. If you teach a class, expect those who took the class to recreate what they have learned!

    And about your pity moment, we've all had those. If need be just wallow in it and stay there until you're over it! And, here you are, ta-da! xoxo-cindy

  2. Oh! I totally agree with this. I've learned so much from others here in BlogLand and am so grateful for their help. I've also tried to help and give advice whenever possible. To me, it's just a big cycle of people helping people and everyone benefits. I have seen some people who are unwilling to share and this is a total turn-off. They make their blog, "all about me" and suddenly, their work just loses its beauty. Thanks for reminding us to do unto others!

  3. Love this! So many times I've had an idea that I didn't act on, then later saw it somewhere else. That's when I realized that they are just floating around waiting for us to catch them--and if we don't, someone else will. It's so wonderful how people here are willing to share.

  4. So true.... blogland is so full of information... I have learned so much from it. I try to share my take on what I have learned. KEEP BLOGGING it is a part of who you are, a sharing person!!!

  5. Whoa girlfriend--- don't you dare give up your blog!! If anyone demonstrates a spirit of caring (!) and amazing creativity (!) - and over the moon personality (!!)- it is you my friend!

    I do understand your frustrations- I think we all have them from time to time. Let's admit it- blogs are a lot of work. Sometimes I spend hours preparing a post- thats why I usually only post about every other week.

    I can't explain the comments thing- I don't think anyone can. Sometimes I get a bunch- sometimes--- not. I will say that as far as Facebook goes- well- it's just plain easier to leave a comment on Facebook than blogger.

    I don't have the answers you want - but I can tell you this- YOU ARE LOVED. Don't give it up- it's a great way to showcase your amazing creations. If you are feeling stressed about it- back off and post less frequently. Sometimes- less is MORE.

    Love you bunches-

  6. Do not stop blogging!
    I have been blogging less than a year and I have met wonderful people with wonderful ideas. Your readers do care for you. I have felt the same way when there are no comments, BUT I don't always comment either on every single post I read. Facebook is OK for my "work" friends, but when I want creative, inspiring and feelgood, I go to my blog list. Love, Linda

  7. Well said Shell, There are no original ideas, we all put our own twist on things.

    I find my time is really limited these days and I'm spread quite thin too. I try and make my rounds when I can, but yes were out here!
    I have such a hard time keeping up!
    Hugs Lynn


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