Monday, October 24, 2011

Here's the Deal..........My Blog maybe shut down for a while...........

My renter is Waaaaaaaaaaay far behind. That is my monthly income for the most part.  I make a Bit , working at Joyworks,,,,,,,,,,,and while my crafting/Shows have grown-I'm tapped. And my renter/tennant has not paid me what he owe,,,,,,,for Months, and months.

So? Just want to let you all know,,,,,,,,I'll post again WHEN I can...........Frankie owes mes for several Months.......and I may soon lose my phone/internet service for a while.

Just found out from a Friend...He's been payin' for a Healthclub membership........And I'm thinkin' a Game Console......And i'm in over draft...........Well you cut some people slack,,,,and have patience.....Until the screw you!

Not taking it anymore! Calling in the "Chips, Cards and BS..........
"Ugly Post" but Thanks if you have my Back!


  1. I love you Shell - look for a private email from me--

  2. Shell: Perhaps you might consider adding a "Donate" button to your sidebar. It might offer a little help from those of us who'll miss your posts.

  3. I get it chicky - had to do it myself with my own kids a time or two - you just have to be tough. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hugs!

  4. OH, SHELL! I am sooooooo sorry. What a jerk. Yes, you will survive but this is so unfair and this is something you don't deserve at all! I am inscensed and just furious.
    Huge Hugs!

  5. Wow Shell so much has happened since I've been over to visit, I do hope you kicked that jerk to the curb! Whats the saying ,what dosent kill you will make you stronger. You keep om keeping on.
    I'm sending you a pm
    hugs Lynn


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