Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Okay,,,,,,I give up,,,,What is UP with "Blogger?"

All of a Sudden,,,,,,,New Format? Am I the ONLY one that didn't see this coming???????

Well apparently my chosen Quote (From Sittin' Pretty USA) is appropriate on more than ONE level! I was going to post about trying and creating new things,,,,,,and NOW? Well, I'd just get used to a new Format.......And honestly? I don't like it! Where's My Blogger Format?????Okay,,,,,I'm getting older 55 in a few days,,,,,but come on! I'm Current........I do this all the time! I don't LIKE THIS! :(

Big Sigh........My little friend Helen turns 92 tomorrow.....I KNOW she doesn't like changes her body, her mind, her sight or, I'm thankful (well, NOT so much about the BODY part and the MIND at time is in question) but you know what I mean!

Okay,,,,,so are we all going through these growing/changing phases together or is it JUST ME?????????

Hugs Love and a Confused AND Frustrated Bus!


  1. You can go into your settings and choose to use the "old" format. Go under your "settings" tab, in the "basic" section, scroll down to "global settings" and choose "old editor". I'm still using the "old" version, because there are some things I really don't like about the new.

  2. Me too! I just don't have time right now to look for everything I once knew. I miss my old dashboard most!

  3. 55 in a few days!!!! oh my sister, I just turned 55 last week.. The Speed Limit.. and now I'm getting a 10% discount at Ross!!! hahah

  4. Happy Birthday a little early! :)

    I've noticed the new blogger style too. It's a little annoying. I can change it back to the old by clicking a link at the top right of the new 'dashboard' page.

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  5. Hi sweet Shell- it's just not easy to accept change is it? I've struggled with it as well--- but honestly-- now that I know where things are- I kind of like it ( for the most part).

    Don't give up- there are lots of people to help us as we go along---

    Happy Almost Birthday-- you are one year ahead of me!!

  6. Hey Shell, Its not just you, blogger is giving me fits too!
    Happy Birthday a few days early, I'm going on a mini yaycay so won't be around, Wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you.
    now hopefully this will post! ha!
    hugs Lynn


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