Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ruffles and Rust Autumn Extravaganza!

SHEW!!!! Talk about sensory overload! Ruffles and Rust was A-Mazing!

There is just NO way that you can get around to taking pics of all the fantastic people, booths, stuff...So here's a taste and I'll "Steal" a few pics from Friends for the next post........

My ahem,,always "Colorful" Booth....

(Marilyn) My boothmate........ and if you didn't read my Facebook Comment last nite I'll share a Funny below.............
Mary, my  awesome Sis-in Law,,,"My 'Banker' and Shopper Extrodinaire"

"Spooky" Trunk

Jewelry and Hairclips........

Pumkins, poodles and Polka dots...
Okay,,,,this 8 pcs Silverplate didn't sell,,,,,,,it's Gorgeous, let me know if you're interested,,,it's a Steal!

Random images I took just before Friday nite.........
Loved, loved, loved this booth!Look at those Chairs on top.....

And look at these.....I wanted that Bird Pillow on the left SOOOOO Bad! I don't have a link, or a Card, if you know who this was, please comment.
This booth was Cowgirl Darlin'!
I wanted the "No Floozies" Sign - NFS......Ackk!
Haiiley's Cottage had these magnificent Deer,,,,,,Complete with Fur Collars!

Gorgeous Cloche' in Ormorlulu's Booth!

Guess who I thought of when I saw THIS fun old Spider???
Oh Lulu! It was a "Bazillion Dollars" or I would have bought it for you~!

Thanks for ALL the help, Mary, Zoe, and Penny! I couldn't have done it with all of you!
You're the BESTEST!

I'll do another post in a Day or so, with Links and more pictures!
Okay,,,,,,,I do believe I'll take a nap!
Hugs and Love,

OOPS! Almost forgot the "Funny!"  So last nite? Zoe and I were heading home from the Fairgrounds, with our Vehicles full of stuff,,,,,I'd put my "Mannie" Marilyn in the front seat of my 4x4. Her wig had fallen off and she was kind of "slouched" over. We made a quick stop at the AM PM and a young man was getting our of his car next to me. I got in line to pay and the Cashier and the woman in front of me buying gas were taking FOREVER!!!
I looked back at the young man rolled my eyes, sighed (apparently I lose patience when I'm exhausted) and told him I'd just finished an antique and craft show at the fairgrounds

"Oh. I guess, maybe THAT explains what I saw in your front seat. I thought somebody was either passed out or Dead!"

I laughed all the way home!


  1. Loved the story! For a minute I thought you were going to say the line was moving so slow because they were stalling while they called the police - whew!!

  2. OMG your booth was WONDERFUL! Eeeeeeeeeek! And...that spider was so amazing!!

    I am rocking another stinkin' stye on my eye so I guess I will be off to the doctor in the morning *sigh* I look like Quasimoto.


  3. Hi SWEETS!!!!

    Your booth was so whimsical and FUN . . . just like YOU!!! Thanks for including pics of my dome with the French half-doll (there was another one on the other side, but she sold).

    I feel your pain, Shell . . . physically and psychologically. It's requires an amazing amount of energy--and money--to participate in these shows. But you knocked it out of the ballpark, girlfriend!!

    xoxo Debi

  4. The pillows are my sister's and mine and our website is www.romancingthecottage.

    So glad you liked our booth. My brother in law came up with the idea of putting the chairs up on top because he did not want to take them home Friday afternoon. Funny how these ideas come about.



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