Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Blogger's Create Event

I WAS going to wait and post after I got home from Farm Chicks next week, but my Blog friend Karen Valentine posted info today about THE 3rd Annual "Where Blogger's Create" Event,,,,Which will be starting, July 15th for viewing.  But, IF you want to take part and show your workspace(s), you need to respond on  Karen's Blog  at
MyDesertCottage  If you'd like to view any of the over 300 of the blogs that took part in LAST years Blog Event, she's got links up at her site now to review those.

 This will be my 3rd year participating, and truly? More than anything? The first year Karen encouraged me to participate even though I was a new blogger...She was so sweet and so upbeat that even though I was a bit dismayed by my then Studio, I couldn't resist. And, well, for the last two years, her event has been a trigger for getting my space more organized and creating a more inspirational "zone," if you will, for me.

So,,,,,even though it's kind of like "getting ready for Company",,,,I have kicked into high gear to photograph my little work space in this old house and my previous studio in the last two years..... I've gained insight and inspiration from others and have continued to evolve/alter my creative space. Love this Event!

Last year, Karen teamed up with "Stampington" and  the "Where Women Create" Publication, And, a couple of lucky participants in Karen's event were included in those Quarterlies. THE "Brass Ring," if you will, on the Creative Carousel. You do NOT have to have aspirations of being published to participate.....just sharing your storage ideas, what moves you to create is inspirational to all......I've gained a LOT from even the simple concepts, and I'm sure you can too!

So,,,,,all that said, stop by and leave a comment with Karen, if you want to Enter. If you just want to check out all the creative space ideas, You can stop by here in about 6 weeks and I'll share the link.....OR add Karen to your "Fav" blogs and check out last years spaces....and This years too!

(Checkin' my  packing List for Farm Chicks! Leaving Friday Morning! Hope to see you there,,,,,or I'll share MY experience at ....."The Historic Davenport Hotel.", The Farm Chicks Event Sat., THE  Farm Chicks Dinner Sat Eve, and a wrap up on Sunday! ) Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa! Spokane or BUST!

Hugs, Love and a "Chicky Bus!"

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  1. OOo! How fun!!! Just wanted to let you know in case you sent it, the "Spring Dreams" hasn't arrived. Didn't want you to think i was being rude and not thanking you!! Hugs and have a great time!


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