Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy!

Yesterday, we Celebrated Amy's Birthday at Joyworks! A few days early-given vacations and all, it was Too Fun! This years,,,,we gave her a Red, White and Blue Celebration,,,,,,complete with all the trimmings!
We haven't done this for a while,,,,,a Group Shot,,,Minus Kay, who was busy with her Granddaughters)

Here's the Birthday Girl Amy,,,,,the "Baby" of the Joyworks Gang!

I made some Pinwheel Favors for the Gang! Fun to make,,,,,,I don't usually "do" Red/White and Blue"
(a more bit sentimental about those Patriotic Holidays now, though, after having my son in the Marines )

Sandi's Yummy Yogurt Parfaits
Amy and Jana

Lots of pretty Flowers!
(Penny in the back corner, gardener extroidinair, checking out the plants!)
Yummy Dessert from Jill

Make a Wish Amy!

(I almost went up like a sparkler myself,,,,the sparks were flyin!)

Fun Brunch! Happy Birthday Amy!


  1. You guys sure now how to party at Joyworks! The food and decorations are it all and love your Fourth of July clothes. I also love your hair cut and color in front. Very, very cute, my friend!

    We are in South Dakota, land of legal fireworks, having an big Reaney family reunion. Reaney's from near and far and descending on Yankton and tomorrow we will go to Avon and see the watertower Jud's Dad climbed when he was four! The good news...there are about ten antique stores here and we are having lots of fun with those!!!

    Have a good Fourth. I appreciate the words about your son and his effect on your attitude toward patriotic holidays. It made me sit up and think! Always a good thing ;-)

    Hugs and a sparkly bus on the cheek!!!



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