Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mirror revision and an afternoon with Helen....

So? You Know how you start out your day thinking "I'm going to (fill in the blanks here) and then I'm gonna (ditto)"  and THEN everything kind of takes a different turn?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was going to work in my yard,,,,,,I was going to clean and organize my craft CR**, and then, apparently the Powers that Be,,,,,had other plans!

 Sitting on the back porch in the morning sun (which ahem, didn't last long,,,,,,the "sit" OR the "sun") I spied this mirror I've had sitting around for about a year......about ready for the Trash Bin,,,,,but you know I rarely throw things out,,,just look at them and think,,,,,,"it has potential!"

So,,,,,,I brought the mirror into the house and started cleaning it up,,,,,,,,

Yes, that really IS a mirror in there!

Taking off the remaining "shutter" pieces,,,and grabbed my trusty Glue gun!

(Okay,,,,,,,I've been meaning to share this for a while,,,,, When I went to Silver Bella  in Omaha Back in November one of the Instructors,,,,,I think it MAY have been Kerry Lynn Yeary had a glue gun for our use that I absolutely fell in LOVE with.....yeah, I know, it's a Crafter or Artist thing,,,,,,,,,,,But it had a VERY precise Needle type tip! Oh Baby,,,,,,Where have you BEEN all my life???
They have them at Jo Anne's.......Best $6 Bucks I've ever spent.....glue where you need it,,,,,,NOT where you don't! Shhhhhhhh don't tell, trade secret! But if you don't have one, go GET ONE! )


Shortly after I started this whole project, I got a call from "Little Helen," 91 who needed to go Shopping, and to the Bank, and I took her out to Lunch, and to the Pharmacy, where frankly, I felt SO so bad, when they presented her with her pharmacy bill for Glacouma Meds.......$140 Bucks, AFTER Medicare,,,,are you Kidding ME???? After which she scrutinized the price of ONE new light Bulb....and NO doubt! Well, I knew our healthcare system was Haywire,,,,but this puts the "R" in Robbery! And the Grocery Store? She counts every nickel.......And I am So going to bring her fresh fruit and Veggies after today! Those Frozen Dinners MAY be economical, but I'm thinkin' her BF,,her fur baby Mikey eats better than SHE does!
Okay,,,,,,,back home, regrouping and oh Yeah! My mirror project!

I finished it while watching an Oprah Re-run ......Frankly? I love the way it turned out! I don't know if I'm going to keep it or Sell it! But Mini Glue gun extrodinaire or NOT, it won't be cheap if I DO sell it,,,,,,do you KNOW how many Glue Sticks this baby took to make??????

Hope your week is going well! Okay, so Today? I SO hit the Garden and the Studio!

Hugs, love and an impromtu Bus!


  1. What an imagination you have! Do you live by the beach by any chance? It totally reminds me of the decor in a seaside home.


  2. Shell,
    You have the biggest heart and BOY can you create!!!!!! I am amazed. This is just fantastic. I have my friend, Donna, here and I showed her the things you made for me specifically! They are so wonderful!

    This, though, knocks my socks off!


  3. Looooooooove it!!! I wouldn't sell it either!!!


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