Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Craven" a Tailgate Sale! Too fun!

Mark Craven, of Craven Farms had an Antique Tailgate Event this morning,,,,,,just outside of Town. The Craven's are a well known Family in our little Community. Every year they grow TONS of Pumpkins...Host Halloween Events for Hoards of kids and families from all over Western Washington. But, they also hold other Events,,,,,like today! Lots of fun Antique and Collectible Vendors show up from near and far!

So? Shell had ALMOST an hour to shop before heading into  work at Joyworks! I wish I would have remembered my Camera! I've never "Done" the Tailgate party.....only the "Pre-Holiday Antique Show" was too fun! Even if it was a bit Soggy when I got there!

Fun Vintage Doll heads......I've never seen them quite like THIS before......If someone has some info, I'd LOVE to hear it....but well, just had to have them!

Mini Brides........I have a few of these already and Lord knows, I needed at LEAST a handfull more!

"Joy Jar"
Bits and Bobs in a Vintage Jar..I couldn't resist for $4 Bucks.......Heck the JAR was worth that much!
And the little Vendor was SO G-Darn Cute, I wanted to take her home!

Funky old Hat.....Green and Aqua.........a Steal at $3 Bucks!
A bit soggy though!

Chunk of gorgeous Bark Cloth..........Ackkk,,,,,,,50 Cents! But I gave her a Buck since I didn't have any Change! She told me it was the first time someone "talked her UP" in price,,,,,but come on,,,,,a Dollar? Lovely!

And,,,,,,,,,,Drumroll please,,,,,,,and you're going to have to wait to see these babies,,,,because I need to CLEAN them up first! I got TWO,,,,,,Mint Condition Gumball/Candy Machines! They are on a wooden stand,,,BUT, I'm going to take them off and use them in my Studio! And if they aren't too hard to take apart or mask I want to paint them both Gumball Pink..........$10 for the pair.....I have died and gone to heaven! I've been looking for ONE that was reasonable for quite a while, But TWO???????? I know, Shut UP!

Great event and fun to see familiar AND new Vendors and Shoppers! I hope the local shoppers had as much fun as I did! Just goes to show you, You don't ALWAYS have to leave the area to find some Really great Stuff!
Thanks to all the Vendors and to Mark Craven and Family!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,,,,,

Hugs, Love and "Craven" a Bus!

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  1. I was there, too. I think I saw you. I posted about the stuff I bought(on my blog). I love that sale!


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