Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Junk Finds

Well, those crazy Washintonians managed to throw a FEW Garage sales today,,,,inspite of our Winter-like Weather! I didn't buy Much,,,but I think I got some pretty good deals for my $14 Bucks!

Actually, I'm cheating a bit, because I bought this paded Chest of drawers Yesterday out in Monroe.....
2 Bucks!
It'll be great in my Studio to hold Papers
The Brackets 25 cents and the dented up old Watering Can,,,,,a Buck.
So I'm up to a grand total of $3.50.....

Also found these fun old Garden Tools,,,,,,a Qtr each!
The little turquoise dish was Spendy,,,,$3.00! But I loved the color and the shape....
Free Turquoise Bias Tape.....
$1.00 each on the Vintage hangers......a Bit steep, I know!
Grand total to this point was $9.00 Bucks........

My "Big" Purchase...$5.00!

Then, I stumbled on these Vintage Japanese Butterfly Picks....The Seller Hardballed me,,,,Ya know, I just have to buy this Funky old Whimsical Stuff when I see it!
(He did throw in the Vintage lace bias tape above,,,,so I didn't feel totally robbed!)

Well, not any HUGE finds,,,,but my $14 Bucks went pretty far!

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do! I'm headed back to Joyworks tomorrow after being gone for 2 weeks! Between first being sick and then going to Farm Chicks,,,,,I feel like I've been gone forever! Can't wait to see what's NEW in the store!

Hugs Love and a "Junky" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. As always my friend you did well on your hunting trips. I have often wished we lived close so we could do these adventures together. I have not given up on you coming to Round Top show.
    Glad you are feeling better and can go back to Joy Works. I know they have missed you my friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Eeeeeeeeek! You always find the best treasures!

    Those garden tools look scary!!! Love them!


  3. Hi Shel- you've been on my mind so I wanted to stop by to check on you! You always find great things at your yard sale shoppings! You're still having winter weather up there?!! We've been sweltering in the 90's down here!
    Love you--


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