Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Winners and Ruffles and Rust Venue!

Okay, I'm Dog Tired, and Sore,,Getting Ready for the Fantabulous "Ruffles and Rust" Event tomorrow and Sat,,

,so Here's the Winner for OWOW

The winner of the OWOH Custom Giveaway is Thespa of http:''
She'll get to pick a custom handcrafted Item!

And the Winner of my 200th Follower contest is............Wow! She is a lucky Lady! Suz, of Katsui Jewelry!!! I'm having email issues once again with Microsoft,,,,,,,so if you have Suz email/Facebook info, let her know to Contact me! Pls!

Congrats to BOTH! I'm exhausted setting up for Ruffles and Rust,,,,it's going to be Incredible! Stay tuned for pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,or if you are Local? You'll be REALLY sorry if you don't attend.

(This is Shell, on "Auto-Pilot" - I ache, my brain if fried, my feet hurt from being on Cement all day,,,,,but Happy as a Clam!)

Hugs, Love and a Big Old Bus!
(Cannot WAIT to share photos of the booths/events!)


  1. Shelleu.
    Wow here I am! I am so psyched!!!!!

    Is that where we start?
    Big hugs and two busses on the cheek!!!

  2. A yard egg!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm so excited! Thanks so much, your style is so much fun, LOVE IT!

  4. GOOD LUCK this weekend, KNOW you will do great... your personality alone sells stuff for ya!!! be sure to come back and tell us everything, and BRING PICTURES

  5. Congrats to Thespa and Sue, Lucky gals! and can't wait to see your pics soon.
    hugs Lynn


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