Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow, Sore Throat and "A Short History of Private Life" by Bill Bryson

I started getting Sick last nite.....Sore throat the likes I haven't had in ages...My Sis in Law Mary got sick Friday nite, during Ruffles and Rust,,so whether I got the bug from HER or from the Masses...My throat hurts!

And,,It's Snowing! Western Washingtonians go into Panic Mode with Snow........Good Grief, we are Wimps!!!

No pics this post......But I have a BOOK to recommend,,,,,which is my means of escape if  not Crafting, alternative therapy. And with the whole Sore throat and Cold,,,,,,Cuddling up on the Couch seemed warranted today!

Are you Familiar with Bill Bryson?  He was introduced to me by a friend,,,,,and the initial book I read was a Genre SO foreign to me,,,,,I doubted I'd like it. I doubted I'd finish it. I read about his haphazard and reluctand Hike with and old school buddy through the Appelachain Trail........Some Thousands of Miles or ill-prepared, unexpected experiences. I Loved the book.

But NOW? I'm reading his latest. " A Short History of Private Life." A book centered around all and I mean ALL of his knowledge,,,,,,,which is Vast- of Rooms, architectures/ lifestyles of those that would have inhabited a Victorian Parsonage in England............You'll gain a profound insight into inventions---including the Chair, the TABLE as we know it,,,,the various Rooms and how they came to be. Servants daily lives, the preperation and consumption of Foods. The English set the precedence for many of these traditions.....including the Consumptions of Tea and Sugar, as Bryson explains. Structures and origins of the likes of the Eiffel Tower,,,,,,,,and more and more.

This book will blow you away! Pre-conceptions of lifestyles/and for me,,,,,,even things as simple as a "Rush" Torch,,,,,(Did you know that the  Medival Torches described it Novels and Moves Only burned for an average of 20 minutes???) Lots of Trivia and insights on Historical Events, inventions,,,,,as we percieve (d) them and how they actually were!!  I'd highly recommend this book,,,,,,if you're into Antiques, Architecture or Design,,,,,,You'll love it!

(On a personal note, the initial autopsy on Jana was inconclusive. There was no aneruisym (sp) no evidence of head trauma or heart attack. The final results won't come for 5 weeks or more.  Her services, as it stands now, will be at St. John's Episcopal Church  here in Snohomish, on Tuesday.)

New Zealand,,,,,,,,etc. (Probably MORE than you want to know)

I have no word on my Father in Law,, last known as living in Christ Church. Although, my last communication from a neighboring Sheep Rancher, stated,  he, was becoming  delusional (Alzheimers?) and left his  Vast Sheep Ranch????  I may never know what has occurred,  as he broke contact with me and my Husband's children/ his grandkids,  years ago.

I do, however hold an affinity and fondness for Chirst Church, in general. Karl flew there  several consecutive New Zealand Springs to try and  help out during "Lambing" season and reconnect with his Father.Whom had, according to his son, on a Whim of sorts, came home one day from a Successful career as an Engineer at Boing  and told Karl (10) and Wife Lenore,,,,,,,that he was leaving- Wife,and Son,,,,,and moving to New Zealand to raise sheep. And did.

Lenore, having received a Masters in Literature from Purdue,,,,,,carried on. She taught English and continuted to raise Karl- whom she'd had late in life,,for a few years. Sadly, she developed severe and early onset Alzheimers...which lead her to spending the last  years of her life in Nursing homes and my husband Karl, being put in the Foster Care System.

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda......yep, Shell can talk/type. I'll spare you the rest.......but my Karl always said that Christ Church was the most beautiful place on Earth. In spite of "issues with his dad, he always talked about taking me there,,,,,visiting. I have pics of him there,,,,they are gorgeous. It indeed is/was heaven on Earth.  My heart goes out to the people living there!

It's Snowing here still, a bit. Wondering if Weather and my Throat are going to let me attend Luanne's 70'th Birthday Extravaganza tomorrow nite!  I need the laughs and frivolity!

Hugs, Love and a Bus, Always!
(Stay Warm and healthy and SAFE!)


  1. Oh Shelly you precious precious girl! I just read about your dear friend Jana, I am soo sooo sorry, and that adorable little Bella oh my heart aches for that family and YOU! Your such a ray of sunshine in what can be a gray cloudy day, you don't deserve such heartache.
    Please take care of yourself

  2. Shell,
    Hope you will be able to take it easy and just rest You have had a lot of stress and hard work and bad news. I have a friend in Christchurch whose nerves were still rattling from the aftershocks of the first earthquake.

    I do know Bill Bryson. He wrote an earlier book about growing up which I thought was just hilarious. It kind of reminded me of my family. Lots of kids out of control but having a pretty good time, too.

    I'll be thinking of you.

    A hug and two busses, one on each cheek!!!


  3. Hi Shelly, I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts, Troubles always come at once, don't they? Just take a deep breath and say, 'This too shall pass'...then have a very large vodka and tonic.
    Blessings Dear Girl. Luv from the UK

  4. Take care of yourself and get well quickly girlfriend. March is almost here!

  5. Ive been thinking of you and sending healthy wishes your way, and comfort wishes too! Just stay down and drink warm honey and lemon and tea for that sore throat. You've REALLY had quite a week, so sorry for all the trials!


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