Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruffles and Rust....Part Deux.......Thank you's and a Request if you will....

First of all, thank you to ALL of you for your comments/prayers/phone calls for Bella,,,and the loss of her mother, Jana. I'm going to post Bella's beautiful pic on my Sidebar......and please, oh please, if so inclined, copy and paste it to YOUR blog  sidebar or facebook Page,,,,,for further Prayers and thoughts for her and her Daddy, Bob..

So now, here,,,,,,because I Knew Jana well,,,,,and I know little Bella,,,,,they would BOTH like happy, whimsical things in their lives. Here is Part Two of the Ruffles and Rust Photos/Event!

Random Photos from "Ruffles and Rust Event."

"Maison Duce" Isabelle's Space always one of my Fav's!!!

Just random spaces and Vendors and Forgive me, I would generally do more research and comments..........

Cute Moss Shopping Cart..........

The  Barn House Boys,,,,,,,Kickin' it! Too Fun!

Random Images.......Maybe Amy's???????? Or Isabels????????

Ormalulu' s Booth,,,,,,,,,,,,Gorgeous!!! as always! Love you my Dear Friends!
My "Bestest" Friends- Kell Bell and Debi
How fanastic is her Hat????
Hat Winners= Friday Nite Gala.......

Amy and Wendy.............
Great Event,,,,,,,,,,,,We had a Ball! These images make me smile which I needed a LOT right now!

Please post  my sweet Bella on you Sidebar,,,,,,,,and ask for prayers for Her, her Daddy Bob and Auntie Kris!!!
Love, hugs and a Bus to you all! (My father in law  lives near Christ Church, New Zealand. I have not heard from him,,,,,,,,,please keep him and the residents in your thoughts and  prayers as well............



  1. Shell,
    Thinking of you. You have a lot going on. I will pray for you and Bella and your FIL, ok?
    Sending big hugs, dear woman,
    P.S. and a bus on the cheek!

  2. Um, honey? Those weren't the BarnHouse Boys. That was JohnBobCoolJunk. TOTALLY different pair of boys! LOL

  3. Nice photographs, there Shell . . . thanks for including us!!! I wish I could have slowed everything down--such a rush and over so quickly. Glad you had a great show too!!

    You are the BEST!!!!

    xoxo Debi


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