Friday, February 4, 2011

"In the Pink"-Happy Birthday Clarice and Where or Where did the DAY GO?

So today? We Joyworks Gals celebrated Clarice's "70" something Birthday! We switched things up a bit and surprised her with a Brunch,,,,,,instead of our usual afternoon  bithday luncheon! (I think she was surprised, when she walked in the door and we were ALL there, singing "Happy Birthday!" )

My fabulous Boss, and Dear Friend Clarice, Love's Pink! So, we had a Pink themed party-Thanks to her youngest, Amy,, Party Planner Extrodinaire,,,Pink Balloons, Pink plates, Darling Pink Napkins and TONS of Pink themed Flowers from us All!!

Accckkkkkkk! Sure, it's the first  bits of February, but the hint of warmer days and thoughts of the approaching  Spring delighted us all!

 Our Dear Kay brought in a Fabulous Breakfast Casserole,,,,,,,To Die For! And Jill, made homemade Cinnamon Rolls that I think were the BEST I've ever tasted! Oh my Stars!!! And,,,I'm not sure WHO brought the fruit salad,,,,,but it was awesome too! Jana brought a "Jug" of Coffee from Starbucks .......Yummy Brunch!

Amy's "extra" touches-.Darling Pink Primrose Napkins/Balloons and of Course, Coordinating "M&M's"- (She picked all the RED ones out of the mix,,,,,LOL)

Clarice got lots of great flowers,,,but this arrangement and container from Penny was Spectaular!!!

Luanne added  the darling Pink Primroses to this "Moss Purse." Too Cute!!!

(Luanne's daughter Kim will have Variations of these "purses" available for sale at our "Ruffles and Rust" Booth on Feb 18th and 19th)

We all chipped in and Got Clarice a "Two Night's Stay at the  Five Star Davenport Hotel in Spokane", to use as she chooses.......She could use it to attend  Farm Chicks,,,,,OR to Visit her Grandson at Gonzaga University! We all hope She has  fun whenever she decides to Visit!

I've just gotta say, Clarice is appx. 20 years my senior. Technically, she COULD be my mother. But I know, that she runs circles around me! Her energy level is amazing and I SO admire that! Even more so, I admire her as a successful business woman, "Boss," friend and confidante.

Happy Birthday Clarice! You truly ARE the best Boss, EVER! But more than that,,,,,,,and I mean SO much more than that,,,,,,,,you've been a dear friend-supportive at the hardest times in my life, , non-judgemental, appreciative and loving-in your own quiet way. Thank you. Just for "Being" you!

After the Brunch party was Over, I spent time with Jana in the Store and Kim, who is doing the whole Ruffles and Rust Event with me this time,,,,,and the afternoon/Day-just slipped away! Kim and I vivited some Antique stores and local booths,,,,,,,,and *poof* the Day was Gone! How did that happen? I guess when you are having fun spending time with people you love and preparing for something you are passionate about,,,,the Day just slips Away!

I hope you had a great week-What\ever you did!! Stay WARM, Dry and look towards the days ahead!!

Hugs, Love, And Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend and wonderful Boss Clarice!
And as always, my Best to all of You!


  1. You have so many blessings, Shell . . . what a wonderful group of people you surround yourself with. Sounds like it was another great celebration!

    Can't wait to see your *crowning* achievements! ;0)

    xo Debi

  2. What a great looking party table! Happy Birthday Clarice! Hugs to you Shell!

  3. Happy Cake Day to Clarice!

    SO glad we got to chat this morning! I miss you!


  4. Good Morning, Shell,
    Happy Birthday to Clarice. It looks like you had a fabulous party. I love Breakfast Casserole...eggs, ham, cheese, potatoes....haven't had one for a while! Now I'm hungry!

    Happy Weekend ~Natalie


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