Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day,,,,,,,Make a Wish...

Hi All, Happy Valentine's Day to YOU and yours! Being Single and all, I'll be spending tonight with my Fur Babies.....primarily the dogs-Kodi and Shadow! The two Cats have their own agenda!

I'm pulling out a "Magic Wand"
 I made,,,, feel free to USE IT to create your OWN Valentine Wishes and Dreams.........

Since it's Valentines Day,,,,,feel free to use it for FOUR Wishes!,,,,,,,,Yep! An Extra one!

My Four Wishes at the Moment?

Have  MORE time to catch up with Friends and Family more! (My family is Small, so I count a LOT of you-my Blog friends in there BIG TIME~)

See if my creations are Worth the time it takes to make them......(Will they sell at events, or am I just delusional?) Do I go forward with handmade items,,,,,,,,or let it GO?

Do I get a REAL Job once again in Advertising/Marketing OR continue creating handcrafted items???

Do I invest monies in a venue/event for and/or WITH fellow Crafters/Artists???

Well you can see, I'm kind of up in the Air right now. I DO know I need to move in an artisitic Venue.....
I'm hoping the "right Light" shines on the path I'm supposed to follow!

So,,,,,,,again, I hope YOU Grab the "Magic Wand" And what are YOUR Wishes????
They are endless!!!

 Happy Valentines Day to All of you!Hugs, Love and a "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day and a bus on the cheek back to you, Shelly!

  2. Keep creating! You love it, and we love your work. The world would be a much duller, sadder place without your creations. You have no idea how much you have inspired me. Blessings

  3. Hope you had a great Valentine's day with your furry friends. Hugs!

  4. Dear will always create, it's a part of you that tells a sweet story. It's about living with passion...coloring outside the lines and being your real self. It's good.

  5. Dear Shell- I cannot imagine you in any other venue than crafting right now. Your exuberance is amazing and you bring so much excitement to the activities that you participate in. Should you continue your crafting? Absolutely. Are your creations desirable? Totally!! I honestly think you should pursue your own shop somewhere. Offer crafting classes on the side- sponsor events- you are a true people person- let your light shine girlfriend!


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