Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruffles and Rust (Part One)

The "Ruffles and Rust" Event  was TOO MUCH FUN!!! We were "Kickin' it" BIG Time  here in Western Washington!!!!!!!!

Our Booth,,,,,,"Joyworks, with a Twist."

This Show, Jana was busy with "Magic," the Apparel extravaganza in Las Vegas, So Kim Brandt and I hosted the Joyworks booth,,,,,,with OUR creations and "Junk."

Kim and I
(Minutes before the doors opened for the Gala-We're Tired, but Happy! And we've got the whole nite, not to mention the full Day of Friends, Family and Shoppers ahead of us~!)

Random Pics of our booth,,,,,,,,My "Crafty Corner"

We had Tons of Birds, Cages and Color!

I got a custom Request for some of my Bird Cage Creations and Baskets for a shop in Seattle....too fun! I'll keep you posted When and Where they'll be for Sale!

Planters, Vintage Silver, Eggs and Hints of Spring!

Did I mention Birds???? And Books and Sheet Music used in Various Projects.........

Flowers, Crowns, Pots and Baskets..........

This one's a bit Dark,,,,,,,,,,but Kim's Fabulous "Moss Purses" with glorious Early flowering plants!
(Timi liked these so much, they were also featured on the Opening Nite Table!)

Another of Kim's cute "Purses".....

A touch of Easter, "Wishing Wands and old Porcelain.....

Crafting Supplies (available at Joyworks)Glass Glitter, Ribbons, Netting,  Festooning and More!

A bit of this, a bit of THAT...Old , New, Crafted  and Found items......

Fun little Giveaways for Opening Nite,,,,,,,Sweets and Sweet little "booklets" from My Joyworks Coworker Rita!
(Flowers  Donated from My Friend Diane,owner of Garden City Floral, here in Snohomish, for our Cash and Wrap Table,,Oooooh! The fragrance was only surpassed by their beauty!)

I'll have MORE images tomorrow-Other Booths, the Sensational and delightful Hats worn during the Gala.

I think a good time was had by all, it was SO stinkin' fun to catch up with some of my Vendor Friends (Debi, Amy, Tamara, Jodi, et. al ), See old Classmates (Lisa), Old Co-Workers (Linda from Nordstrom a Bazillion years ago)  and ALL the awesome and loved Customers from Joyworks, New Vendors I got to know (ie, Jackie of Island Chicks) .....Well, in general, just a GREAT group of Friends and like minded people!

Make sure you check out my Sidebar, for my Booth-mate Kim and her Mother Luanne's ,"Nest and Garden"  Event at their cute little Cottage on April 30th here in Snohomish....

Okay (Shew!) Put a fork in me I'm done!...And "Shut the Front Door!".....More photos tomorrow,,,,,,,

Hugs, Love and a Big old "Ruffley and Rusty" Bus on the Cheek to ALL!

(PS,,,,,I SO cannot WAIT to catch up on all the Blogs/Emails/Sites now that the Event is over,,,,,,at least till the next one!)


  1. That is all so cute, I can hardly stand it! Love the corset, the bird cages of great color, the yard are too, too clever, Shelly!!!
    Hugs and a bus!

  2. So glad Cindy remembered your red crown that she saw in my booth at 2nd Saturdayz . . . and came back to BUY it--yay!!!!

    I agree, we need some face time and a lot of laughs together. Miss you much, Miss "Cumbugyou"!!!! Unfortunately AND fortunately, I've got R & R Square move-in this week, 2nd Saturdayz next week, then Lynden the week after that. Eghad . . . will we hold up??!!!

    Love you!!


  3. Great looking booth and I'm glad it was a big success. Bet you are tired! Now get out that calendar and get busy girl - I need to let them know at work WHEN in March. It's almost here. Big hugs!

  4. Hey doll,
    eeekkk your booth looks amazing!!
    wish i lived closer to visit.
    looks like a fab store!!
    hope you are well friend.


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