Friday, February 25, 2011

My week from He.. Double Hockey Sticks.........But I THINK looking up!

Okay,,,,,So ..... New Pictures? Not So much! Amidst the Show mayhem and frivolities of Ruffles and Rust,,,,, I  managed to drop my Camera and apparently the said "Camera" and the Computer are no longer on Speaking terms!  (Truly, if they would have asked me to Mediate, I would have!)      "AhhhhhhhhhhChoooooooooo!!" Sorry!
(The last group of pics I posted of the Ruffles and Rust event were from a DISC,,,,,which I procured from the Memory Card of my Camera and had made into a disc at Bartell's) And,,,,,,,if you looked at those final pics,,,,,,I never DID figure out how to Edit the Disc photos........

Make a Wish Shell gets her New Camera Soon!
I'm going to buy a camera from my Friend Gail, as soon as she and I can connect....So, stay tuned! HA!

Get out your violins or your "Pitty Pots" Out-as I call them because in addition to Getting Sick ("Oh Give me a break Shell,,,,,,4 out of 5 Washingtonians HAVE "it" or had it.) Losing a dear friend,,,,,,,which is off the Richter Scale for me, and I'm still not totally accepting,  And, yet, I STILL managed to :

A: Walk out to my car for the First time midweek after being Sick and see a "Towing Warning" because my tabs were expired since Jan 1 (Oh Good Shell!) Which I took care of the moment I saw the notice,,,,but STILL, I've lived here forever,,,,,and  Big "Marks/Paint on my Car in front of my Home?

and  then Today?

B: Walked back out to said car today and ran a few errands and managed to LOCK the Keys in the Car!
( I forgot I had AAA so the Tow truck dude gave me TWO receipts and told me to find out if I could get the ahem $94 dollar fee paid.)

Did you EVER want a Re-wind? I mean Truly,,,,could I go BACK to last Saturday and change things? Dropping the camera (small factor in the scheme of things), Be with Jana and Bella when the world turned upside down,  Use the Purell, or get more sleep so I didn't get sick too? Respond to the Dep of licensing on Time or Not lock my Stupid Keys in my Stupid Car.............

Well, I'm just taking a DEEP Breath! Realizing how many friends I have,,,,,,thanks to all of you, my coworkers and neighbors. This Too Shall Pass~!

Loves, Hugs and  Bus to you all. Thanks again! Shell!  and I think you ALL know,,,,,I may be Down,,,,but I'm NOT OUT!!!

Have a good weekend! Love hugs and a Bus to all......and thanks for your thoughts, prayers and wishes!


  1. I am with you, had the same week, I lost my camera last Sun.! I had taken it outside to take some pics. It was so nice out. I had it in my pocket, and have not seen it since! The whole family was on the search. Then it snowed! And my hubby PLOWED! I am sick! It was just purchased a few months ago.
    Then I had lost my blog title! Had no clue. It came back on its own? Had no clue!
    So now I have to get a new camera. How many shots have you missed so far? I'm up to a million! 8>(

  2. Girl I think you need a vacation - in Georgia! I'll be emailing you tomorrow. Hope you're feeling better. And at least you locked your keys in your car at your house. Try doing it 3 hours away with no neighbors in the neighborhood. EEEEEEKKKK

  3. Oh wait - you didn't lock them in the car in front of your house...but at least you were in town LOLOLOL

  4. Sounds like too much stress at one time, dear Shell!!! (Pot calling kettle black, I know.) Remember to just breathe . . . slow it down a bit. Sometimes when we're "too busy" we think we won't feel the pain. But it always busts out somewhere. Let it happen, my friend. Love you!!!

    Take care,


  5. Shell,
    I am so sorry youbhave been through some bad days. And a hard time in general, really. Sending you a big hug (and a bus) and healingnthoughts.

  6. Sorry to hear about the camera... I know what it is like to be without and I am never without it, I dropped mine a few months back and was devastated!) . Then everything else on top of it... just have a memory lapse and forget it!!!

    Here is wishing you a great week ahead!!!!


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