Thursday, June 28, 2012

What lovely "Gifts" I got today,,,,,,,,A Swap and My Mary......

I was SUPPOSED to go to the Hospital today, to see My Mary girl,,,,She had her kidney out yesterday (Cancerous). And as I was getting ready to leave, my neighbor/daughter I never had/friend, called me and told me she had Strep throat! Initially I wished her well and asked what I could do, and after I hung up the phone I thought, "I was WITH her last night, giving/getting HUGS, petting her dog, in her house, etc., etc. So I dawned on me right before I left for the Hospital,,,,,Ackkk, I may have bad germs. I cannot bring them to Mary, my family, others. So, I didn't go. Talked to my Bro, she's doing okay,,,,,supposed to be there for about another 5 days........I MAY or May NOT visit,,,depending on whether it is SAFE, or not!

Anyway,,,,,I changed Channels today,,,,,,,,And did some "Stuff" and came home to a Wonderful Surprise! My Swap from Heather's (Speckled Egg) event arrived today from Marian,,of What a GREAT Gift ! I LOVE it all!

We did a Birthday themed Matchbox swap.....

Love these colors! Love the box!

Lots of other goodies! Including this "Mini Matchbox",,,,Love these colors!

Gorgeous laces, ribbons and flowers,,,,,,My faves!Thanks Marian!

Fun new "Blingy Mod podge",,,,Green "Bling" Buttons,,, rubber stamp......Love it all!

All of this came in the CUTEST Mailer including this cute zipper pouch....Ackkk!

Thank you SO Much were truly the bright spot on an otherwise dismal day! This is the BESTEST Swap gift I've ever received. "Tis Moi!"

Big thanks to all the rest of you for your love and support for Mary, my family and I. It isn't over,,,,,,although today was a Good day,,,,,,,and I'm thankful for that, even if I couldn't be there,,,,,,,
I'll keep you posted,Thanks again Marian....I SO needed this today!

Hugs, love, and a "Bus" on the cheek of Gratitude!!


  1. So sorry about your friend Mary. I hated hearing this.
    You really received some wonderful pieces. I can just see the smile on your beautiful face.
    Love ya

  2. You're so thoughtful and wise to stay away because you just never know! What an absolutely lovely swap gift! I'm glad it brightened your day! Blessings, Jan

  3. What lovely goodies you got. thank you for visiting me.
    I am praying for you and your family.


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