Friday, June 15, 2012

I've got Junk in my Trunk! (Friday Finds) aka as How I avoided yard work....

This morning I woke up about 5:30,,,,the sun was shining, the birds were singing,,,,the weeds were growing! So what's a girl do on a Sunnny Friday? Jump in the car and hit the yard sales (did you REALLY think I was going to pull weeds today?)

So,,,,,I got Junk! And a Trunk!

(Pay NO attention to the worn out Golden Retriever and the shredded raccoon)
It's got a bad paint job,,,,but it smells good (if you've bought these old trunks or suitcases you know that isn't always the case- no pun intended) and the "innards are in pretty good shape. $10 Bucks,,,,

Ceramic Cherubs,,,,"Japan",,,,,a was repaired,,but I love 'em.

a couple of 22k gold goblets (25 cents ea.) and a china plate ($1) to add to my mismatched collections of both and a cute little Chalkware gal (25 cents)

a Silver plate teapot $3 Bucks,,,,,and an AWESOME hand crocheted cotton tablecloth $2---I ran with this one, before they changed their mind!

and finally, this fun Mirror....Creme and Gold. Love this and a STEAL at $2 bucks.

So, as for the weeds? Apparently they're going to be "safe" from harm in the next couple of days, between working this weekend and rain again ....

Hope you've had a good week! Have a great weekend whatever you do, whatever the weather!! I'll be back at Joyworks tomorrow, always love my job there!

Hugs love and a "Junkie" Bus!

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