Monday, June 11, 2012

Hopefully an inspirational Post........

I picked this Bouquet today? It's not as "lush" as I'd like,,,we've had more rain than sunshine and the roses aren't happy,,,,,,But the bouquet flowers are full of memories.

18 years ago today, I married the love of my life. My Karl. He was smart, gorgeous, adventuresome and for SOME darn reason thought I was Amazing. Well,,,,,maybe he took a few years to come to that conclusion,,,,,as we'd actually met /dated/sailed/dined and "played" together back when I was 21.....So some 15 years later,,,,he saw the light (or had blinder's on-we'll just say he saw the light.)

He pursued me for about a year in my mid 30's and I finally agreed to "see/date" him again. I KNEW, quite frankly, when I said "yes" to him taking me "up in a little "Tin Can" of a 2 seater Cessna,,,,,,,that I would spend the rest of my life with him.

Shortly before we were married, he transferred this rose from the house he was living in,,,,,,

I'm not much of a "Red" gal in my garden, but I loved the fact that he was "putting down roots."

When we married, we kept it fairly simple, but had bouquets of Peonies and Old Roses,,,,,,,Including this ancient bush from my yard........

I love this old Rose, we used in our wedding flowers,,that perseveres, smells like "heaven" and thrives in spite of neglect on the NORTH side of this old house.......

I have to smile, because this isn't a "Fancy Bouquet." Just clippings from my yard.
As previously mentioned, my husband was an absolutely "Gorgeous" of these days I have to dig out the old photos and scan them.

And I have to smile because Karl loved trying and doing new things. The sailing, the diving, extreme skiing, cooking, photography, studying law, Eastern and Western philosophy, history, explosive engineering (in his spare time) and flying. Oh yeah,,,and the lambing in New Zealand. In other words,,,,the man lived as if life was both important,,,,,,,and short!

So? In memory of my dear Karl, I'd ask of you TWO things! Try something new,,,don't put it off. If something has been gnawing at you,,,,,DO IT! Life is Short! That's the First thing.........

And the Second? Is as much for ME as it is for him. Stay off your Cell phone while you are DRIVING! With the car accident and cell phone records and the likes, we/I never quite learned if he was talking to ME when he caused the accident that ended his life. Ended his life. Ended my life and my future dreams. So,,,,,again, I'd just ask, for me as your friend, for your family and loved ones, Hang up and Drive!

And by all means,,,pursue those dreams you've been shoving aside!

I'm not a sobbing mess as I post this. I'd do anything to have him back in my life and shake my head and smile at his antics. I'd love to have him hold me again and say all those things he say that I never felt I truly deserved. I'm sharing this because he taught me a GREAT life lesson,,,,,,Carpe Diem,,,,,seize the day, live your dreams and hold those you love a BIT tighter!

Hope this post gives you a BIT of inspiration to start your week!

Hugs, Love and a "Rosey" Bus!


  1. beautiful post friend. i am so glad that Karl's rose still blooms for you. i am sure he is glad too.

    hug <3

    1. You of all people could make me do the "Ugly Cry!" I'm SO glad to have you in my life, and I KNOW that you are always growing, trying new things!

      And,,,,,,I loved the fact that we had a great chat today while you were WALKING, not driving!

      Love you more than words can say!

  2. Good evening, Shell,
    Wow, what a powerful post today. Thank you for so many important reminders. Life is short...and we need to live each day as if it might be our last.

    Thank you, dear friend. ~Natalie

  3. Oh Shelly, your post touched me more than you know. I also have a special rose that stirs up memories for me. I first planted my tough little Mix 'n Match Rose in my Woodinville garden. Despite less than ideal conditions (too shady), it survived. Kind of a metaphor for my life with an alcoholic. When I separated from my husband, I transplanted it to my garden in Snohomish and still it kept blooming. Shortly after my divorce, my husband of 20+ years died suddenly. Despite all our difficulties, it was tough. I was lucky to have Edward in my life to help my daughter and I get through it. Several years later, the rose and I are flourishing in our new life in Seattle. The season's first bloom just opened today and there are many more to come! Kind of like life, right? We have to keep on blooming!

    Karl sounded like an exceptional man. I'm so glad your special roses bloomed in time for your anniversary.

  4. thanks for this post... i am sorry for your loss, but glad for you that you experienced love and an enjoyment of life with this special man... i am inspired by your words and needed this to lift me... have a blessed day and keep on posting... your blog is a bright spot in my days...


  5. Bless you for the strength and courage it took to write this post. Your roses are as beautiful as you are. Thank you for sharing what was in your heart today.

  6. Such a heart felt post. It sounds like you have lovely memories of Karl... So sad to loose someone you love suddenly like that... I know, my sister lost 2 sons in car accidents... 6 years apart... tragic. Life is short, it's always good to remember. Have a good day.

    1. Mary,

      I drive like a "Blue haired old lady" although I guess that is technically true, now that I have "Teal" streaks in my hair,,,,but suffice it to say, I'm a careful/nervous driver after the loss of my Husband in a car accident.

      I can imagine your sister does the same....and I CAN't even imagine your sister's losses, and yours.

      Hugs to you and to your Sister! Those losses are unimaginable.

      Big Hugs to you Both!

  7. What a beautiful post Shell! And the bouquet is pretty too. Happy memories to you girlfriend. And it will be my goal this weekend to figure out the Bluetooth in my car. I don't normally talk on my cell when I'm driving but just in case on a long trip - I need to have it figured out. Hugs!

    1. Jill,,,,,
      I'm sorry I haven't been in touch lately! Time goes so quickly! I'd be happy just to know that you, my friend will be a bit safer AND learn a new thing from my post!

      Hugs and love and let's truly chat soon!


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