Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meet Angel.........(Or what I brought home from Port Angeles)

Yesterday, my youngest Andrew and I went to Port Angeles to see my dear Mary and my brother Ross. It was a special day and I came home with "Angel."

Isn't she gorgeous? An old, delicate creamy goodness dress form........and check out her backside.......

I mean REALLY check out her backside,,,,,,she's gorgeous!

Love everything about her,,,,,,,,

She'll be headed down to my Studio soon,,,,I'm cleaning the joint up for Karen Valentines "Where Bloggers Create" Blog event next month! Karen always kicks me in gear and it's always inspirational to come home and add "Bits and Bobs" from Farm Chicks Show,,,,,,,,,,

Mary also gave me a bag FULL of Antique and Vintage Post Cards,,,,so I'll be sharing one or two in the days/posts ahead. Feel Free to Copy and use the image for your OWN personal use,,,,,,Just not for resale.......

Some days? The moments seem so special you want them to last forever. Yesterday was one of those days. Hugs that couldn't last long enough. Memories that you cling to.
Yesterday was one of those days. With my son, with my brother and with my Mary.

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Hugs, Love and "Angel Kisses!"

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