Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hats Off to my friend Deb Bock Today ( Subliminal Links/Advertising?) see below

So? Last week? I called my dear Friend Deb Bock? And asked her if she had a "few minutes free" to come over and give me Ideas to "revamp" my Studio. Deb has a gift like no one I know...She truly takes a "bit of this, a bit of that, and puts in all together and you just sit back and go Wow!

Deb's owned her own store, fantastic floral design, and wedding planning, garden design, home decor consultations, Has an awesome Space at M&M Antiques in Monroe and many a Show.......Farm Chicks/2nd Saturdays/Ruffles and Rust,,,,etc, etc. Her amazing talents are ONLY surpassed by the size of her heart!

So again? My intent was to have her come "down" to my Studio in "This old House" and just give me some ideas..... "Move that there, put that on top of that,,,switch this with that.." and Then I'd take her out to breakfast and do the changes myself.

Not only did SHE bring ME a Latte' and breakfast,,,,,but she asked for a hammer and nails and just jumped in and started helping me! We moved things around!Spent about 3 hours and made a pretty good "dent" changing things up...and the inspiration and ideas she gave me are priceless!

(The Vintage hats I have-which were just the beginning) and a few other Vignettes we finished,,,And I'll share my final "re-do" at Karen's "Where Blogger's Create" Event in about a month!

I can't believe I actually have this many Vintage Hats! It's fun to see them all "out in the open! And,,I can't wait to show the the changes that I'm making in my Studio,,,Thank heavens though I have a month to get it all put together! I needed this inspiration today!

Deb gives me SO much support, inspiration and more than anything, reminds me of what a good friend she has become over the years!I try and reciprocate in my own way, but I truly feel that ANY time spent with Deb is the "Bestest" of times!

Giveaway info to come soon! If you missed the last post,,,scroll down and tell me what YOU'd Like to Win!

Hugs, Love and a "Flowery" Bus on the Cheek!

PS,,,,,PLEASE NOTE! I am posting in HTML as Blogspot has recent reverted to,,,,,a Couple of the Words in this Post,,,,,are HIGHLIGHTED and DOUBLE Underlined,,,,,I noticed this in my post yesterday. Apparently Blogger is using certain Keywords (Bold and double underlined that LINK to OTHER Venues/Advertising.) Again, this is nothing I have done,,,,I only typed in the words and the Links are appearing....let me know if you've had this happen as of late,,,,,if Blogger is doing it, it is wrong! I do NOT endorse the links they are inserting into my posts,,,,I'm sure you don't/wouldn't either! Feedback???


  1. blogger is doing it to me, also! your vintage hats look so pretty... a great way to display them... i would love to win something to hang on my wall! keep up the good work!


  2. I don't see the highlighted words. Typepad has recently added that as an option, but I don't know why anyone would want to do that!


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