Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mary Helen, where ARE you? (Blog Giveaway Winner), working on my Studio and MY Mary......

Okay,,first of all, a Shout out to "Mary Helen" who entered my Blogaversary Giveaway and apparently has no email! Mary Helen, if you read this,,,email me, otherwise I'll draw a NEW winner from those that entered on Saturday!

I've been working on my studio for Karen's (My Dessert Cottage") "Where Blogger's Create" Event. Always makes me sort, organize, think and CLEAN! I have lots of fun Family "Tidbits" in the studio,,,,,including this typewriter that was my Mom's!

Can't wait to show you the Changes in my Studio!

And,,,on a personal note, My sister in law Mary had her cancerous Kidney removed today at the University of Washington Hospital. It took longer than expected. She is currently in ICU.....I'm headed there tomorrow to see her and hopefully connect with other close yet scattered family members. I'd be honored if you keep us all in your thoughts and Prayers......I don't know WHAT the next steps are, Just taking it one thing at a time!

Hugs, love and a weary, concerned "Bus" on the Cheek! Thank you!


  1. Shell my sincere prayers are with your sister-in-law, you and all those who love her.I pray for the superior skills of her medical team. God's strength and blessings I send with fervency. Jan

  2. You'll be in my prayers - safe travels.


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