Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Blog under Construction

I know, after reading the header your saying "New Blog? -I can't keep up with all the OTHER blogs!"So it's not like you have to follow it or even check it out,,,but it's kind of  evolved into a "Heady" crafting thing this last year,,,So this one is just Headwear-crowns, birthday hats, headbands,,,etc.....I want to add some fun images of hats and materials I find making some of these "puppies." So,,,It may just be one of those blogs that you don't NEED to follow or visit if you're not "into that kind of thing....

Ah! The Glam, the Romance!

But, ask yourself this and you might understand a bit better as to why I saw a need to create this other entity...Do you have trouble remembering what you made last  month? Let alone last year? I do. This morning I was looking at some pics from over the last year and decided to create a new "little" blog. Partly because sometimes I try some new technique and then FORGET about it,,,,so it's kind of a reference point for me...But if you're into hats, crafting, using and trying different materials,,,,,than you MAY be interested!

It is TRULY still under construction, but if you want to pop over and take a peek, I'd love any ideas you guys have!

And please note: If you have any funny, interesting or great hat/crown photos-(Like your great Aunt Celia in touring car or your kids with hat's made out of newspaper print, or just a lovely crown photo you created or found and want to share, let me know! I'll make sure credit is given!)
And again,,,,this new "baby" has a LONG way to go! But if you'd like pop on over it's"

Hope you had a great weekend! Shell



  1. Shell your such a sweetie...worth every bit of the trouble I am going to get into when they find me on here typing you a note.
    Your right it is not the same without little Ms. Lulu in blogland. Have you talked to her and is she better.
    I so wish we all lived closer or one of us owned a private Jet. Now that would be cool.
    Shell I think of you often maybe that is the reason for your crazy dream about me.
    We are all so blessed with finding each other in this world of blogging.
    Back to bed for me...but first I have to check out your other site

  2. Sweet, sweet Shell - I just checked out your other site - what fun! Love that you can just devote it to your crearions and LOVE the idea of posting people in funny hat pictures there - I may have one for you - will have to look for it!

    Way to go girl with this new venture! But I do have to say - Do you ever sleep?



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