Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finds Part Deux,,,Have a clue?

I recently spotted this doll at an Antique mall and kicked myself for about a week for not buying her when I first saw her. Fortunately, I went back yesterday and she was STILL there! Anyone have a clue as to her make or age?

I am not a doll collector. I could maybe spot a Madame Alexander Doll and of course Chatty Cathy,,otherwise I'm clueless! I didn't pay much for this one, I just really liked the look of her and she was a STEAL!

Her Face, arms and legs are porcelain and she stands about 2ft tall.

OOps! "Nekkid" pic! She's all hand sewn and I think the base was made recently,,,,pretty clever though, made out of an old coat hanger on a wooden base.

I actually know the woman who was selling her, if I can track her down, maybe she can tell me more! Just curious, I don't think she's worth a lot, I just like her! Interestingly, the woman I bought it from? Her name is Marie........
She's going to need some finery down the road and duh, a crown!

Couple other quick finds from this week

Rhinestone buttons from Saturday's Faire

A vintage Wilton Cake Topper

And I found another fun Bird Vase to add to my collection. Again, I don't know anything about the era of these pieces,,,,,,but I love the colors and textures.......

Here, seen with the rest of my "Flock."

Today is clean and organize the Studio Day,,Ack! And I have a helper that LOVES to organize-Anastasia visiting from DC! 
  Hope you have a great Day!



  1. Shes a beauty but sorry I know nothing about dolls either. some wonderful finds this week!

  2. That doll is a treasure - you can be so creative with her! She is a fabulous fine! Love the buttons and the cake topper - but that bird vase is over the top wonderful! I would arm wrestle you for that one!

    Great vintage buys my friend. Obviously - you had a wonderful day!


  3. Bonjour,

    I think this doll deserves to be brought home and dressed fashionably LOL She looks like she comes from a good home...


  4. I gave you a shout out on my blog today - check it out! ;-)

  5. Hi Shell!
    Girl, you best be keepin' that doll away from me, lest I snatch her away from you! She is FABULOUS!

    To answer your question about watermarks, you can add those to your pics on a free photo-editing site like picnik. It's really easy!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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