Friday, May 21, 2010

If the Vest Fits.....alteration and embellishing

Yesterday, at Joyworks we got in these darling cotton vests, unfortunately however, I'm not a size 12 anymore-I'm more like a REALLY generous 14 and I'm not even going to say the "six" word.. .
I'd thought about sewing my own similar version,,,,,but egads, I HATE making ruffles! So,,,,,Plan "B" ensued

So, I looked at this darling vest and thought how I might alter it a BIT......
Plenty long (I'm about 5'10...) Didn't involve the waistline,,thank heavens, because I no longer HAVE one!

Fun ruffles on the backside and since I haven't much "junk in my trunk" so I thought it could work there too!
(Pay no attention to the black cat in the upper corner....I'd barely turned this thing over to show you the back and she had to join in on the action.)

So, I added some Cotton lace trim insets into the shoulder seams to give me a little more room through the arms ,,and not one to leave things alone,,,,Some Cremey nylon Ribbon Roses I cut off a Trim and "burned slightly around the edges (they were mounted on nylon tulle)

I made a few cotton lace "rosebuds", added some Cotton lace to the inner edge, added a few ribbons and sewed on a few pearls,,,,,

Finished Product

Wow, what a concept, it actually FITS  now too!!

Happy Friday!
Off to make an emergency Crown~



  1. Ok - I just lefa a comment and the blogger thing just sort exploded! Weird - so I am leaving it again - you may get 2 comments from me!

    Love this vest Shell. An ingenious idea! I love the lace rosebuds. I think we need to see a picture of you wearing this adorable vest~~~


  2. (Ugh, I think I erased my comment.... Lets try this again... lol)

    I love it, it's so beautiful with the flowy ruffles!! You did a great job on the roses--- I ♥ flowers!!!

  3. Hi Shelly,
    Gorgeous.I Love original clothing, one of a kind at its best! The flowers and lace are stunning. I would totally wear this.

    Its raining here today too, They say we might even get snow yikes! My poor flowers don't know what to think!

  4. Hi Shelly,
    I read your post about going to Spokane for the antique show. I'm trying to decide if I'm gonna go too, trying to figure out a place to stay. If you know of an inexpensive place to stay will you let me know? If I find someone to go with, I'm definitely going to go. Hopefully we can meet up and do some fun junking!


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