Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you Ever??? And some Funky paper and ribbon Wreaths

Tracy Porter often leads off her posts with the question, "Do you Ever?" And then trips down the light fantastic,her darling boys never have skinned knees or runny noses. She'd say something like,"Do you pick wildflowers after completing a new garden shed? Do you gut and re-do your bathroom in one day,,,,,,,,Do you work in your studio designing a Spring line and then prepare a formal dinner for 8?" Yeah right!  Oh I have not doubt she can! But alas, I am NOT superwoman!

But my "Do you ever" question is a bit more ADD. Do YOU ever think, "oh I'll just leave the disaster in my craftroom/studio and move into the livingroom/kitchen/ bedroom with a tray of a FEW things" and the next thing you know there is craft CR**,,,,,,errr.. I mean stuff in almost EVERY room of your house? Well, that's been me, the last two days. The coffee table, the dining table, the  breakfast nook, the dresser in the guest room.....

If you may recall, this "crafting" mayhem is relatively new for me. I  mean a year ago, I was making ONE wedding cake topper....Well and then the MADNESS set in!  And, well back then, when I first started, I had a 4,000 square foot building....FREE,,,,until it was leased out,,,and then moved the madness back, here/ home!

Craft Shows, Wedding Shows, Custom orders, Gifts, Giveaways! (Hey you two, I told you I have till the 15th to ship! Not that either of you has said a word! Hugs! )

So, do YOU ever? Come on! Come clean! I know I'm not the only one! I read the "Where Women Create" Books and Quarterly, I KNOW what I'm supposed to do,,,,,,,But I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Whatever! Anyway, here's a couple of things I completed today. I started making a crown and then *poof!* Apparently, I was supposed to make some funky paper wreaths! At least that is what the crafting Muses whispered in my ear!

Neutral Toned wreath

Coffee Filters (unbleached, tulle, and hand stamped ribbons-I used to buy the stamped ribbon from "Five Dollar French Market" but their Etsy site is empty,,,sold out so I made some of my own.

Larger wreath with Pink/Black/Creme and neutral. These "puppies" tend to lead to glue gun burns! But fun to make, nonetheless!
Close up of wreath above.

Aqua/Brown and Neutrals

I may still add some shells to this one. The colors and textures were really fun to work with!
I'll have a couple of these for sale at the Snohomish Antique and Art Faire THIS Saturday! See Sidebar for details of Events!

Mini Hats

Of course I make a lot of full sized Birthday hats and Crowns, but these little "guys" are SO fun to put on a statuary, angels/bunnies, ducks, doll heads,,,,,You name it! Sometimes I think I like the little ones better than the full sizes models..........

"Shell's Little Sweatshop part Deux" is in full swing. Honestly, I cleaned up most of my cr**,,,,err supplies today and am headed back down to the studio tomorrow!


(Tune in tomorrow to see the fun pics of Jana's Birthday Celebration at Joyworks!)


  1. one of my favorite quotes - "creatives minds are rarely tidy." (no - I don't know who said it!). But - it certainly applies to me. I seem to have "stuff" scattered everywhere. and as soon as I clean and reorganize the Sacred Yarn Room - one week later - disaster again. I give up!

    Love your paper funky wreaths! Adorable!


  2. Fun Shell! You did well at Second Saturday!! Your sweet stuff was a hit, I'll see you soon and settle up... ;)
    deb @ Garden Party

  3. Big Big thanks AND Hugs Deb for showing and selling my "Bling",,,,more than I can say! I OWE YOU big time! Glad the show went well!

    Talk tomorrow, hopefully! I'll be home,,,,,until I go to Jana's B'Day! Around 1:00ish!Back around,,,,,3:00........I don't think my phone ringer is working right......
    Need to have Andrew check it! Acck! "Hello, Hello, is THIS thing ON????""

    I left you a comment and email too! Hopefully, I'll figure my phone out,,or simply walk down there! What a concept!

    Big Hugs!

  4. Well Shelly you are in good company for sure. I too drag my crafts everywhere even though I have a craft room. Until recently, my c.room was barely excessable due to some very large boxes filled with fabric. I revamped that room and now there is actually floor space. Now how long that will last is another story. LOL! My other craft spot is in the kitchen next to the sink so I can make paperclay dolls (need sink for my messy hands, hee hee).

    I just love your wonderful ideas for the wreathes are you sending any of those in to Stampinton? I think they are having a call for those. Your hats are just darling too! Have a wonderful, creative day today wherever that may be. God bless. cathy

  5. You create the most wonderful items with just paper and do dads! So happy I found you - I'll visit again - peek in and visit me too - Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  6. oh shell, i knew i was in trouble when my son visited from germany and said its amazing that such great fun stuff come out of thatttttt room lolol. i have the english basement level, part of the garage, and a bedroom upstairs then i drag stuff to my bed covered in an old quilt lol i know where most everything is, sometimes....hugs JoAnn


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