Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Gift, Giveaway and Finds!


First of all, I need to thank Linda Smith from ASwapforallSeasons
She sent me a wonderful surprise package! A darling vintage cigar box packed with "Creamy" Vintage goodness!
Look at all these fun treasures! Buttons, darling cotton lace, old photos and flowers, Button Earrings-too cute! Gorgeous Ribbon-wrapped with a fantastic rhinestone buckle, doillies and more! And oh yeah! The cutest package of bird rubber stamps,,,not shown because I tore into them and used them last week!  Thank you SO much Linda for this wonderful gift,,,,,you shouldn't have,,,but I'm glad you did! Check out the fun Swaps Linda hosts! She does a great job!

Then, Mimi Charmante hosted a blog Giveaway that I posted about and frankly, I didn't even think about the giveaway so much as I wanted  you all to see her GORGEOUS Photos from her recent trip to France. And, dog gonnit! I was one of three winners of her "crafting destash!"

Too fun! Ribbons, gorgeous beaded trim, beads, asst. ephemera, a fun stamped "Junk" spoon, flowers music tin,,,,,,and did I mention Ribbons???? Thank you so much! Make sure you check out her blog, it is awesome!!

This weekend, I also got a "Trendy Blog Award" from the sweet Regan  at

Thank you Regan, I'm honored to be on your list, let alone at the top!
So, my top 10,,,,FOR TODAY,,,,because it changes depending on mood, visits, are-
The first 10 on my "Blogs I follow" links!
Accck, I know you say that's cheating,,,but I like to mix things up a bit!
Visit Regan's lovely blog above for her other fav's!

And, here, as promised, are my "finds" this weekend........As previously mentioned, I didn't have much shopping time and missed about a third of the booths,,,,,,but I still think I found some fun stuff,,,,starting with THIS STEAL!!! ACKKK!

Okay,,,,check out this Jar. I put all the glass beads and garlands back in it,,everything was cushioned by the tinsel to the right.......This BABY was $10Bucks,,,,with ALL of the following packed inside it SO TIGHTLY,,,,it was hard to even get it all out! Ackkk!

Small Glass Balls, and Bells! White Deer, which I've been collecting for quite a few years! It was like she packed this jar full of Goodies for me!

Also full of Vintage lights,,,,,,Oh my stars! Lantern bulbs, bubble lights and a couple dozen of those cute hexagon shaped bulbs! I'm tellin' ya!

Reflectors and German Dresden-We're still talking the SAME Jar full!

I paid her "a Buck" for the Vintage Angel light on the right,,but the fun gal on the left was in the JAR!

Vintage plastic Trolls and old Santa Candles,still packed in that magic JAR,,,I know your saying, "Shell, I'm glad you are so excited,,,,but

enough!"But,,,,oh, no! One more bunch! And maybe my Favorites!
Okay,,,,,Shut up! Look at all these vintage pics,,,,many are stamped "Japan." I know you have to be "in" to this little stuff,,,,,,but trust me I am! I feel like I need to go pay her at LEAST 3 times what I paid for this haul!
Again,,,,,,ALL in one little $10 jar! SCORE Baby!!!! I'm telling you, it was like "Mary Poppins" magic bag,,,,,I just kept pulling out one magic surprise after another!

Okay, calming oneself.  Deep breaths.....

I also found some great Vintage Millenery flowers. Which, I probably paid TOO much for! But well,,,,,,,,,
My sis in law found the fun coral berries for me in HER hunt...These flowers will be fun for headbands or a cake topper..... (I kind of bought the pink after talking to my friend Timi, of]
She wants a pink headband for FARM CHICKS in Spokane next month!

Well, this was a TOO long post I think, although I have a few more "treasures to post." But I'll save them for a day or two! Hope you all had a fun weekend! Created something special, found some family or friend time, or got "lucky" finding some goodies!!!

Hugs and "pieces,"


  1. You hit the mother-load of bits and baubles! You are a winner all around! I'm sooo envious!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS - look at ALL of those goodies! As if the swap and giveaway weren't fabulous enough, that jar of vintage Christmas treasures is really something! Score is right! Congratulations - looks like you'll be having some FUN playing with all of these wonderful baubles!

  3. What great vintage finds!!! Oh i want to go to a fair :)
    You are so sweet! I would love a Head piece!
    The event is on the 29th so close....I need to go hunt for a dress!!!!Utah is so not cool for black tie dresses HAHAHAHA
    Thank you for your friendship :)

  4. TOTAL SCORE! I'm tellin' ya - that Snohomish Antique Faire was the best! Some great treasures, fantastic people and in the cutest town ever! (don't tell Duvall I said that, since it's my hometown)ha ha.

  5. *somebody* scored - can't wait to see what you do with all of your new/old treasures...
    have a fabulous rest of your week,

  6. Vintage Christmas is a favorite of mine--would love to have a place to display full time.


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