Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vicki's Blogger Event, My ADD and a little Angel!

Happy Wednesday all!

Hope your week is going well! It always seems like by the middle of the week I am going a Bazillion directions! So here's what's up,,,

My dear, sweet Friend Vicki  a is having a Blogger Event called, "Grow your Blog."  to help us all link together, find like minded bloggers and have a "meet and greet!" I think it's a great idea. So if you have a blog, pop on over and register on Todays post! Always love meeting new Bloggers and finding new friends!!

I worked in my studio a bit. My friend Deb Bock gave me this little Ceramic guy,,,,,,who needed some TLC.  So I added him to a little embellished box......

He's only about 3 inches tall,,,so you can see how small the box/tree and deer are......I had fun embellishing him.......

He's got such a sweet little face!
Hope he's happy with his new home!!

I worked on several other projects in the Studio,,,,,,,,but some of them take longer......and trust me when I say I'm ALL over the board,,,again! 

I'm STILL looking for a Holiday Venue and I feel a bit like Goldilocks. This Bed ( building) is too small, This Bed, (Warehouse) is too Cold, This Bed (Chapel/Meeting Hall, doesn't have enough,,,,,,parking, electricity, high enough ceilings,,,,, I'm still looking for a building that is JUST Right! Which is frustrating as ALL get out because everything else has fallen into place, (Vendors, Volunteers/Interest) Where IS that place that is "Just Right?" I'll give it a few more days/hunts/phone calls and then I'll have to reconsider! Frustrating as all Get out! (What is a "Get out" anyway?)

All that aside, I've had GREAT fun with my new Kitten Beau,,and for some reason today was an especially BUSY BIRD DAY! The Robins love my "Tree of Heaven" for it's berries right now and my yard was FULL of birds! That and SO many birds migrating through,,,,I heard Birds today I've never heard before,,,maybe Swans? They DID sound like Trumpeters. It's getting cold tonight I'm sure they're getting out of Dodge! (I'm starting to see that I use a LOT of expressions that I have NO idea where they came from!,,,,,,Dodge???)

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Hugs, LOVE and a "Flighty" BUS on the Cheek!


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  2. Great post Shell...One of the crafty projects i like to do is paint ceramics...a few years ago...hubby and i spent about 6months pouring ceramics and stashing away to paint another day...everything from fairies to dragons and castles to holiday stuff. After a move from TX to Ca i spent sometime unpacking everything and putting on shelves in my new craft room and EVERYTHING made it in one piece! It was like unwrapping Christmas early!I can hardly wait to get in there and start a piece. Hugs! deb

  3. So glad to meet you via Grow your Own Blog. What a sweet little holiday piece.

  4. So glad to meet you via Grow your Own Blog. What a sweet little holiday piece.

  5. Background:
    The expression is referring to Dodge City, Kansas, a notoriously rough cattle town back in the 1870-80s.

    First Usage:
    The expression is often attributed to U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon (played by James Arness) on the TV Series "Gunsmoke" (on CBS from 1955 to 1975). At the end of each episode after he defeated the bad guy(s) he'd often tell them something to the effect of "get the hell out of dodge." Likely he never said that exact quote since using "hell" on TV in the 1950s wouldn't have passed the censors.

    Variations of Meaning:
    The phrase is other times used in the context of a "good guy" needing to get out of dodge because it was becoming too dangerous/rowdy. Additionally the phrase is used to indicate when someone does something illegal and then needs to "get out of dodge" before they are caught (as opposed to being arrested or forced to by the sheriff as the Dillon version suggests).

    1. You, my friend are a Fountain of information! Thank you!! Miss you!!



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