Thursday, October 4, 2012

All that Gliitters........

This has been a REALLY busy week! First of all, I have to Share a GREAT pic of my Friend Deb Bock,,,you know, the one I go "Junking" with sometimes, The one that does Fantastic Weddings and these days has a space at M&M Antiques in Monroe...The Friend that always makes me laugh and Smile, that has the BIGGEST heart ever and more talent in her little finger than most of us can EVER hope to have........

On Tuesday I helped her"fluff" and re-do her Boothspace, because they were expecting Company the next day next day from None other than Heather Bullard, who was accompanied by our friend Melaine  and Serena from "Farm Chicks" Fame, to get ready for a Photo shoot for Country Living Magazine,,,,,

M&M is one of my favorite "Haunts" and some of the Most talented women I know have Antique booths there,,,Here's the link of all the Photos on Wednesday,,,but mostly I wanted to share the beautiful photo of my dear Deb,,,,,,

You can see the rest of the Pictures from Wednesday on Facebook,,,,,just "Like" MMAntiques"
(No & sign in their page)

I'm looking forward to seeing the final Magazine layout with a few special touches from Friends!!

Today, Much less Exciting,,,but fun, nonetheless, I worked on some little Christmas Stockings......I'm really into the Turquoise this year,,,,,,and I found this fun Vintage Rick Rack trim that was fun to work with,,,,,,I'll post these on ETSY.

You KNOW I love my Glitter,,,,but I think my Friends are even MORE Sparkly and Shiney! That includes all of YOU!

Happy Thursday! I hope you're getting to do some of what you love to do,,,and BE with some of those you Love! Life is Good!

Hugs, Love and a "Sock Full" of Buses!

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  1. Shelly, I love Rick Rack, and I haven't said that word in so long. It just feels good in your mouth to say it, "Rick Rack." Your mini stockings are so cute !!!! Hope to see you soon. Blessings, cm


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