Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi All,
Hope you week is going well! I've had a busy week helping out some friends. I worked on Monday for the Shop next to us at Joyworks, Then yesterday I helped my Friend Deb Bock with her Space at M&M Antiques,,,,,it was sort of last minute, so I didn't bring my Camera,,,,Shoot (or not "shoot").

Finished another Snowman today and listed it on Etsy and then proceeded to get a bad Sore throat,,,,,,Ackkk,,,,Lost of "Junk" going around here in Washington State. I think I'll be in bed soon, I'm really tired too,,,,,,

Anyway, Here's "Oliver,,"

Too funny, because when I started to post him earlier the default/word fill Tried to name it "Debbie Oliver." Gotta Love Computers!

Stay healthy,,,,,too pretty here to get SICK!

Hugs, Love and a "Sunny" Bus!!

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