Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Silver Bella or Bust!

Okay,,,,I'm Packed, Lulu's Packed and were off  from our different Coasts first thing in the morning to  "meet, finally,  in the middle",,,,,OMAHA at Silver Bella!

Too fun, to finally meet someone you've "known" through Blogland, at last!I've been dying to meet her since we first met!  I wish ALL of our Blog Friends were going to be there!!!!!! (We'll have to work on that!)

We'rearriving a  bit early to explore some of Omaha's Vintage and Antique Shops. (Can't wait to check out the Vintage Wallpaper place! Eeek!)

Hardest thing is leaving my Fur Babies, although my Oldest, Sean will be here to care for them, and  Andrew, my youngest and his roomie will pick up the slack.....I've been known to call home and have whomever "put my dog(s) on the phone! They hear "Blah, blah, blah, walk." Or "Blah blah blah, Shadow."
No matter, makes ME feel better!

Back on Monday~ Ugh,,,,up at 4:00am tomorrow! Wish me Luck!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

(If Lulu decides to bring her laptop, I may send a quick photo or two!)


  1. have a grrrreeaaaaat time!! can't wait for your stories!!!

  2. Have a great weekend, so fun!!!!

  3. Have a great time. So glad you guys get to meet.

  4. Have a GREAT time!1 Vintage wallpaper place??? I am even MORE jealous now!!

  5. What a beautiful spot you have....I can't believe I haven't stopped by before. Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella.....oh I wish I could have tagged along.




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