Sunday, November 14, 2010

Okay, SHUT UP! Silver Bella was FANTASTIC!!!

Lulu and I are STILL in Omaha Flying out tomorrow, can't wait to share our Fun with "Ya'll!"

Just printing some shipping labels (ummmm it didn't all fit in the suitcases, Go Figure!
Then were shopping a bit!

I'll post more info about the Badges on my sidebar when I get home, but if you "Bella's" or anyone else for that matter, want more info, leave a comment or grab my Email (left)!

Back soon!
Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek!!


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it! You lucky gals!

  2. So excited to hear all about it. Safe flight home.

  3. can't believe it's over!!! ok, waiting for the juicy details....

  4. no you shut up!! lmao!!!! love ya so much!!!!
    gotta get me a badge!!!!

    woah woah wooo bad romance... caught in a bad romance... rah rah ahh ahh ahh

  5. Already blogging and not even home! I'm sure it was amazing. Be safe going home.

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