Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Card holders......Vintage postcards

I have loved Vintage postcards longer than I can remember. And so does/has my Mary girl. She recently sent me an envelope full of the most AMAZING "Souvenir" Postcards. They are from the 1900's and generally left a space for people to write on the image, "Souvenir from".....and the sender would fill the Place they were in the blank.

A couple of months ago, with my love for vintage wooden thread spools, I found that if I wrapped a wire and stuck it in a thread spool, it made a fun holder for Vintage postcards, Photos, etc,

Take a STURDY piece of wire and wrap it around a pencil to create 3 loops. Cut and insert into a Vintage thread spool.  That's it! You don't have to glue,etc. And it will hold paper images.

You can stack the wooden spools for Height. ..............

I've always loved these Vintage Postcards, including the message on the backside! ("The wheat is in." We have a new cow. The weather is getting better, etc.)

Feel free to use this "Card Holder idea." But I'd love it if you share either images OR Messages your read on the back!!

I got about 30 of these from my Mary girl. It was both with Joy and Sadness. Joy because she KNOWS how much I would enjoy them, and sadness that she is parting with them. I will share other images here and on Pinterest  (Under Shell's Favorites). 

I hope your week is going well. Truly I am taking it one day at a time right now. These last couple of days have been a gift. Sun, rest and comfort. 

May you find Joy and comfort in the little things!

Hugs, love and a "Bus!"


  1. Love the vintage cards combined with the old spools of being the holders. Sweet!


  2. Hi Sweet Shell--the vintage postcards are beautiful- truly a treasure to love and collect. I understand your feelings about these gifts from Mary-- I know your heart is heavy--

    I love you--


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