Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh, you all know how I love my glitter and my "Bling." But to truly Sparkle? It is a bit more!! -----

You Sparkle when you find the beauty in EACH moment.
You Sparkle when you take JOY in simple things.
You Sparkle when you reach out to EACH person that crosses your path that you take time to get to understand, know and care for, if only in that shared moment.

And your Sparkle is brightest, when you combine ALL those things-
awareness,acceptance,beauty, awe, kindness and simply living in that moment.

May you Sparkle and share your brilliance, every day in every way!
(Just found out that my Mary girl was in the Hospital this last week! with pneumonia......( I think my brother tries to protect me) But I want to protect them BOTH!! 
New treatment advice tonight, I took the dogs (and ME) on a LONG walk! 
The tumor cannot be removed....we just take it ODAT......One day at a time! Hope to talk with her soon,,,,,,,just to let her know how much I love much she has always meant to me. 
Oh yes, truly a breath. a prayer, a moment at a time time of life.............Will share some growth and creativity soon...........

Hugs, love and thank you ALL so much for your support/prayers/love/kindness as of late!!


  1. Good morning Shell, I'm sending gentle thoughts amd good wishes to you and your family. May all your days together be filled with sparkle from now on. Blessings

  2. Oh Shell I am so very sorry to read this about Mary. I know your heart is breaking and I wish I knew what to say to bring you comfort.
    Take care of yourself and know that you and Mary are in my prayers.
    Sending you much love

  3. Soo Sad, I am so sorry about Mary. Keep the same smile on your face. My Prayers are always there for mary. Love from our whole team.

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  4. Dear Shell:
    You KNOW that I'm saying prayers for you and your loved one. Always in my thoughts.


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