Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fave,,,,,,,,

Hi all! Hope you are having a great start to Spring and had  a lovely Easter!! I'm behind on posting,,,,,,and hope to get more active again in the days to follow. It's been a busy time of year,,,and I will finally have some time for Crafts/Postings/Junk shares, etc.

Yesterday, I made a family fave,,just me and my youngest for Easter Brunch, but we had a great time,,,,and I made these.....I posted several years ago, but thought you might like the recipe, especially NOW, if you have left over HAM,,,,or Turkey Ham!!

 You will need:

Ham OR Turkey Ham
Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
Fresh Asparagas
Swiss Cheese,,,,,,,Sliced
 Fresh French Bread

Pre-Cook Asparagas
Mix Diced Ham (or Turkey Ham) with Mayo,,,,,,,,,,about the consistency you would make Tuna
Add Fresh Grated Parmesan

Butter ONE side of sliced French Bread 
Broil those sides until lightly browned. 

Turn bread slices over and dollop generously  with Ham mixture.
Add pre-cooked asparagas (2-3 stems each)
Add a slice or two of Swiss Cheese.

Place Baking Sheet of sandwiches under the Broiler and Brown until Cheese melts. 


Will catch up soon!

Hugs and love


  1. Hi Shell. I've been trying to leave a message for days, but yahoo wouldn't let me. Nothing important, just wanyed to say 'Hi' and send peaceful and happy thoughts to you and your family. I'd love to try the recipe but although my lips would enjoy it, I don't think my hips would! lol Blessings

    1. Lesley, It doesn't Count if it's a Holiday or a birthday!! : )

  2. Hi Honey
    Just wanted to say hello and see how your doing.
    This dish does sound good. I wish I had seen it sooner because I have had so much leftover Ham I don't want to see ham for a while. lol
    Your dish pattern looks like mine.
    Hope your having a great week

    1. Oh Lordy Mags! I hear you!! I only bought a small amount, but ham goes a LONG way!!

      Love you!! Hugs!!


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