Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring Island Chicks Show!

Getting ready for the Island Chicks Show on Saturday, April 27th! Hope to see you locals there!! Always love doing this show, but this time, I fear, it will be a bit sad/hard because I won't have my "Mary Girl" there. She is undergoing Chemo, each week again. And her spirit is Good! But the tumor cannot be removed.....apparently just held in "Check". So I hold my breath,,,,,,,,and each day, each conversation, each moment is a GIFT!

I know personally that this is how we all need to live our lives. In light of recent tragedies and disasters, that is the ONLY true way we can live.

On that note, I'll just say that I wish you the Best in every moment, every encounter,,,,,for we never know. But I DO know that these adversities and challenges bring out the best in so many. And for that I thank God. There ARE smiles/hope and kindnesses in our lives in these hard times.......I think it is important to focus on THAT!!

Hugs, love and a "Bus" on the Cheek of Gratitude for the Good in life!


  1. Shell your words touched me today and yes that is how we should live our lives each and everyday.
    These horrific acts make us realize just how precious each and everyday is and truly a Gift to us from God.
    I wish I were local so I could see you this weekend and enjoy the show with you.
    Take care dear friend and May God Bless You each and every day.
    Love ya

  2. The last 3 blogs I have clicked on tonight have shared heartfelt words in a beautiful manner. It's a theme for tonight and I am liking it.

    Enjoy your life- daily!


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