Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Yard Eggs" Part Deux.......Ebay Wars......


Chick Egg

Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend! We actually had a relatively DRY and SUN Filled Day in well as many of our Washingtonian friends! This afternoon? We had the door open for a couple of hours at Joyworks! What a concept!~ I actually saw ONE woman in flip-flops! And another in Shorts,,okay, maybe they were Capri's, but still! We're welcoming all the Sun (or lack of Rain) we can get!

So,,,,,I'm working on Easter? Parade/Bonnet Contest that I do each year for the Chamber? And last year adding a Bonnet Making Session for Seniors and the kids (Boys' and Girls Club") And well, yep,,,,I'm gathering supplies (donations for THAT) Hats/Ribbons/Flowers/Easter stuff) That class will be on the 8th of April (would have been my Mom's the Boy's and Girls Club) Contact me for donations/crafts!

In the meantime,,,,,as well as being super busy with THAT.....I'm still gathering supplies/ Crafts for Easter myself! And,,,,,,,I bought a Dozen "Yard Eggs",,,,,at least to START with on Ebay. A reminder of "Yard Egg" crafts.............

(Again, Before my new Camera,,,,but you get the gist)

These are all examples of  Plastic "Yard Eggs" that I modified. And I did several more....which have sold.

So? I bought a whole lot of them on Ebay tonight.......and may be getting more. My thought was EITHER having a "Stash," that I can continue to craft with myself,,,, OR Giving a Class/workshop on how to modify/embellish your own!  It could be an Online Class,,or a local one.  I'd just like some thoughts and feedback....

I have a local Venue that I could utilize for a class...AND this may be a venue to offer other local crafters to do the same in the near future..... And/Or I can create a tutorial/ provide a "Kit" for a DIY kinda thing.

Picking Brains (yours included) let me KNOW what you think!

I hope you are having a GREAT weekend---Spring arrives tomorrow, I believe! And none too soon! Please OH Please give me your thoughts and feedback.....for this may be the first of Many Workshops locally...........

Hugs, Love you to pieces and a BIG old Bus on the Cheek!

(Don't forget the BIG MOON tonight!!!!)


  1. I never heard them referred to "yard eggs" before. Am I understanding this right? They're the plastic eggs you fill with goodies that instead you paper mached over? They look really great!! A WorkShop sounds fabby!

    Oh, I'm totally destashing my art room and just listed tons of vintage crafts on my Etsy Shop last night. These are mostly miniatures still in their original packaging, in case there's something you can use.

    Make sure to post more pics of these gorgeous eggs!

  2. Darling eggs Shelly, Are these big or little? Can't quite tell from the picture.

    Glad to hear spring has arrived there, not here yet, a few snow flurries yesterday and looks pretty nasty out there today.
    Hugs Lynn

  3. your eggs are a WONDERFUL idea. I'd love to see a tutorial on how you glue, and what process you use! You are one clever gal!!! always thinking you are! thinking and creating!

  4. Nice to hear from you. Still in Maui...the most wonderful place on the planet! Sun.Sun.Sun. Be back soon and hopefully spring will be there when I return!

  5. Hi Shelly,

    Love those eggs but I can't come to Washington for a class, so if I can say hey, have an on-line class too! That would be super. They are darling and I just love em. God bless. Cathy

  6. Love the embellished eggs Shell- they are wonderful. I do think you should share you creative know how with your friends on line!



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