Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Official! "Second Saturdayz" Market is Coming to Snohomish in May!

"Revamped, Renewed, and Ready for the Second Saturdayz Crew to Visit Snohomish!"

Okay, Shut UP! Second Saturdayz is Coming to Snohomish in MAY!!!!!

I've known it was "in the Works" for a while. Some of my BFF's working together to make it happen!  But I kept it under my hat until "all the I's were dotted and the T's were crossed!" And I'm So, So excited that at LEAST for the Month of May, the Normally scheduled " Second Saturdayz Event"-generally held at Sand Point in Seattle ,,,,,,,,is going to be held,,,,,,,,,,,,tada! Here in Snohomish!

The Building scheduled for a "Year Round Farmers Market" here in Snohomish fit the Bill! It's been re-vamped/restored,,,,,and, I think will prove a GREAT Venue for the Second Saturdayz team. (Not to mention, providing additional traffic for Seattle/King County Shoppers to explore Shops/Eateries and other Venues on 1st Street here in Snohomish!

Contact Deb Bock @ for further details/info!

Congrats to the Second Saturdayz Team! Exciting to have you all coming to town! We are all SO excited to have all of you here in May! Welcome! And who knows? Perhaps this will lead to further Venues in our little Town!

Hugs, Love and a Bus to all the new Vendors/booths and a Special Hug out to Deb......for getting it "all" put together!!!
 (And, of course always, hugs love and a "Bus" to my Blog friends! Happy Thursday!......Is it "Idol Time" Yet? I've gotta go!)


  1. See ya there, Shell!!! Can't wait--should be an awesomely FUN event!!!

    xo ~ Debi

  2. Wish I could be there. Sounds great! Trying to catch up on my blog visits. These winter days have run away from me, but spending the best kind of evening visiting.


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