Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"In the Pink!" Hair that is.......and My Elizabeth Taylor Connection..tee-hee...

Too fun! I got my "Hairdid" today! I'm lovin' the Fushia! ........I even match my Shower Curtain!

Strollin' through my usual Grocery store this afternoon, I got lots of comments! Hey, this gal may have Two Chins now, but she's not going to settle lightly into Middle age! (If you'd seen me today, after "getting Pinked"  you might have noticed a slight jump in my step!) I'm liking this!

Not quite done though,,,,headed tomorrow to  see Tim at Aphroditie's Salon for a bit of "Bling" as well.........Life is short!

I thought it somewhat ironic that Today, of all days, I had scheduled to "Go Pink."  The Bios this morning of Liz Taylor's life and her attitude of not really caring what other people thought of her, just doing her "own thing" struck a cord. I kind of felt like my "Pink rebellion" was my own little tribute to her. But it also reminded me of a great man I dated years ago..............

This is fun to recall and share! I briefly dated a man  back in the early 90's, that was THE Best Man at Elizabeth Taylor 1st Wedding,,,,,to Nicky Hilton. This morning's news reminded me of the gentleman, bazillionaire, encouraging, unpretentious and extremely handsome man (He looked a LOT like Robert Mitchum- cleft in the chin and all). Leon went to school with the Hilton brothers. As far as I know he Never married,,,,and I met him when he was about 60----yep, a couple of decades older than Moi at the time.
But again, I reiterate, he was a gentlemen, and while he was building Highways, bridges and Dams across the US?? He'd encourage me, at the time in my little advertising business in my partner's basement. 

So hats off today! And my pink hair swinging in the Sunshine......(for we had some once again today here!)
Smiles for Liz,,,and my former Beau, Leon.

(Someday I'll have to tell you all about "Paddie," the little Italian Private Eye who introduced me to Leon. Think "Pirate Shirting"-crisp white cotton with HUGE billowing sleeves and long buttoned cuffs extending to nearly the elbow. Think gesticulating hands and arms,,,,,a head of wiry, curly grey hair. Think a Fine Chianti.  He is/was a Mystery novel waiting to happen.)

Great Day,,,,,Pink hair,,,,,,memories of a former "Beau," Liz Taylor,  eccentric "Paddie" and Sunshine! It doesn't get much better than THAT!

Enjoy your Week!
Hugs, Love and a Couple Degrees of Separation Bus on the Cheek!


  1. I love the pink. I was thinking about doing something subtle with a color.

    Love the Liz Taylor story. She was a beautiful and elegant lady. What an icon.
    Hugs, Sue

  2. wow, I'm speachless AND lovin it, you go girl.... live that bright wild life!

  3. I am like Lisalulu I am speechless for the first time in a long time. lol
    Seriously I think it is great that your doing your own thing. A lesson we should all take from you.
    If it gives you that extra little step then you know you did the right thing. Would love to see more of it and in person hard to tell from the pictures but I know your pretty.

    Girlfriend I have missed you and have been wanting to catch up so how are you.
    Keep in touch
    Love ya

  4. What fun! I'd say you have a "pink" personality, it suits you.
    Have fun with it!

  5. Your hair is WOW. I used to do all sorts of wild and crazy things when I was young. Where did that go?

    I am just hoping there is a yard egg at my house when I get home next week! I Lurve Yard Eggs!

    A hug and a bus to you, too, brave and funny woman!

  6. Love it Shell!!! See you soon ;)

  7. You are wearing that pink like a rock star! Love the sassy look.

  8. I have always wanted Pink hair, good for you! Its just gorgeously fun!

    And you dated a Robert Mitchum look alike billionaire??? Dreamy. Hey, do you ever watch Shameless on Showtime? One of the kids in the family reminds me of a young, very young R. Mitchum. Cute.

  9. Lovin the pink hair Shell!!!! Wahoo!!!
    hugs Lynn
    doing some catching up. I'm so behind!


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