Saturday, September 15, 2012

Island Chicks was So Fun! Can't wait to share more!

Just home from the "Island Chicks" show in the gorgeous Anacortes, WA! Can't wait to share the whole experience,,,,it was So much fun and so many amazing FRIENDS, Neighbors, Vendors and Promoters!!

This pic was taken by the sweet and talented Mary Beth from "Poppyseeds" on Camano Island, (I'll share their link when I post my pics tomorrow) Too Tired to do anything more tonite, just ,,,,

Wanted to thank everyone for making it the BEST event I've ever done, for so many reasons!!

Hugs and love and a "Joyful but exhausted" BUS on the Cheek~

Oh my Stars,,,,,I work at Joyworks tomorrow~~ Come see me, great new stuff, and I'll be funny, I'm sure I'll be punch drunk from such a busy weekend,,,,HA!~

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