Saturday, September 24, 2011

Testing one, two three......Busy dayz!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last golden days of Summer......well, it's officially Fall now, but you wouldn't know by the lingering warmth in the Pacific Northwest! Today was HOT,,,,at least for us! I've been SO busy, I no longer know which end is UP! 

The Testing title? I THINK, I HOPE I PRAY when I hit the next button or two, I FINALLY figured out my camera issues......So, Hold your breath for me, would you? I'm gonna see if this whole thingy works!

Golden Slippers! (Ackkk,,,,,it's working!)

Silver Slippers! ( Thank YOU "Window's photo Gallery!")

More on my camera upload/editing issues later,,,,,,if you are at all interested.......But by George, or in this case, Microsoft, "by Bill," I think I've got it!

My pics apparently have been uploading to a couple of Optional editing programs. When I FIRST started blogging, my editing WAS all Microsoft,,,,but my camera was a piece of be frank....or in my case Shell..........So, my newest and improved camera is a Canon which I'd been editing with another program......and well my "Ms. Canon" didn't get "along" with the software I was using,,,,,Microsoft has been "there" and I'm back, after 3 years, 3 cameras to the photo editing software.......I know,,,,blah, blah, blah, BUT, "Thanks Bill!"

So the altered slippers are Vintage Dearforms,,,,,,,,still in their packages, and I added bits of ribbon, and a bit of Vintage Millenery stash.........These all stemmed from covering a pair of my own shoes to wear at an event.........Comfy, cute, Vintage ......Forget your feet and enjoy! I hope some Vendors OR shoppers at "Ruffles and Rust"  will seek a bit of FUN relief in these babies!

New Batch of Hats for one of my Cupcake Shops.........Lovin' the Polka Dots!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend! I know I've probably "pulled your ear" enough with Computer/camera problems.......Thanks for your patience! I've started to catch up a BIT, but hope to chat/ email or comment more soon!

Hugs, Love and a relieved "Bus" on the Cheek!

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  1. Shell, Did you glitter the shoes or did they come that way? I am smiling at the thought of you with flowers on your toes but they do look like they are fun and comfortable. Glad to hear you are working out your camera issues. I love seeing the great pictures of your vintage finds. Are you still selling those yellow vintage flower picks? If so please send me email at deb2604 at


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