Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Tease,,,,,,,and an update

I have been SO busy, I cannot even begin to tell you,,,,and well, that, and the old ADD, or "Scattered Brain" for lack of another term, has got me doing,,,,,"THIS, THAT and oh yeah, The other Thing!"

Here's a "Sneek-Peek" at on of my FAV projects as of late....a Teaser or sorts because I want the "Girls"  My Friends Deb and Linda, to get them FIRST before I show  the full photos -I had SO much fun making these! I hope they enjoy them half as much as I do!

They're headed over to Spokane for June Bugs Event, which I am sure will be incredible! I just love all those gals I've met through Farm Chicks,,,,,,,,,and I'm sure the show will be fantastic~ IF you can get away,,,I have NO doubt, it will be Fantastic!

Moi? I'm Getting ready for next month's Ruffles and Rust show at the Monroe Fairgrounds,,,, and Doing a few custom orders (Mostly Ribbon Necklaces) makin' Birthday hats and oh YEAH,,,,,,I've got tons of hair clips/headbands and the likes to finish.......

Today? I worked on painting furniture,,,,,,,while the weather STILL cooperated!

My Camera and computer, are NOT talking once again,,,,,,,I THOUGHT that was all resolved, but apparently I need some some sort of a mediator to get them to communicate once again! One more month,,,,,,,,,,,One more month and I promise,,,,new phones, new puter and we'll all get along just fine!
In the meantime,,,,I listen to Jackie Evanko's CD while I type this and wait for my dear friend Penny to get home from her 3 weeks in Paris,,,,,and a week in Africa! Cannot WAIT to her all about it!

I hope you enjoy these final warm, sunny days,,,,,,,,and (here) Crisp, clear mornings! Prayers, thoughts and well wishes for you all! (I'm catchin' up, a BIT at a time!)

Love you ALL So, Hugs and a "Busy, yet Happy" Bus!

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