Friday, August 6, 2010

What a delightful BOX on my Front Porch today!

Okay,,,,,so I was out hitting the Garage and Estate sales? And I got home too late to watch the "Part Deux" of Oprah's Hoarding segment.....Ironic? Ya THINK???

But,,,,when I arrived home..........Look what I found next to my door!!! Okay,,,,,STOP IT! Do you know my DEAR, DEAR blogger friend Vicki? Of 2 Bags full?   LOOK WHAT SHE SENT ME!!! Too, Too Gorgeous!!!

As previously stated, I am NO photographer,,,,,,and my images will NOT do it justice..........But look how gorgeous!!!

The Textures? Are you Kidding me? So wonderful! And, I'm a "Green Girl" so,,,,,this is just the BEST!!

Okay,,,one more image,,,,because,,,,,,,this is SO YUMMY!

It even "Feels" Good!

I SO love this little is going to hold a special place of honor in my livingroom! My photos do NOT do it justice,,,,,,

Vicki and I just "Clicked" after the OWOH (One world, One Heart) Global event at the beginning of the year. There were just certain people during that event that I have grown to love......Vicki, is a neonatal nurse,,,,,and creates gorgeous things in her down time.......She has the biggest heart of anyone I know!
What is not to love? She is one of those blogger friends,,,that SOME DAY and SOMEHOW,,we will meet! It's a given! In the meantime,,,,we swap emails and share.........

Handcrafted items,,,,,especially those made by friends.....Like this wonderful nest that will  most certainly adorn my livingroom, a Faux cake from my friend Lulu (Coastal Sisters) that takes "Best of Show" in my French Cabinet......... and goodies that adorn my studio, as well, WOW! They make me smile....Especially since I've had a chance to learn about the HEART behind the inspiration!

Fun Week! I got to meet Debi,,,,,from Ormolulu and we had a Blast! I got to chat this morning with Lulu,,,,,,about our upcoming trip ( and First face to face MEET) in November at Silver Bella! I recieved this wonderful Nest,,,,,,,,from Vicki,,,whom I love to pieces,,,,,,and it means SO much!
Lovin' the Blogland!

Have a great weekend! I think we'll be BUSY in Joyworks,,,,as it's only supposed to be about 65! Sorry to those of you enduring the HEAT!

Love and Hugs,

And don't forget....ONE week from today, is my "Hoarders and Crafts Gone Wrong!" Event and Giveaway! Get some pics together and POST next Friday! It should be Fun!!!Geesh,,we're ALL human!
"I'll show you MORE of MINE,,,,if you show me Yours!"


  1. My pleasure dear Shell - the little nest is perfect for your home! Enjoy and think of a friend when you see it! I made it with the greatest of affections for you~~~


  2. Oooooooo, hurry up November! We are going to have a blast and shop 'til we drop!

    What a lovely creation....see....look how many of us love you!


  3. Sweet Vicki! I love it SO....Because every time I see it I will think of YOU! How Special is THAT!???

    I truly love it! It is so "Yummy" with all those fibers and textures! And,,,as I said,,,,it even FEELS good! Thank you SO much!


  4. What a special gift!! Friends are just the best aren't they? So happy that you had such a special day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Tammy :-)

  5. What a special gift from Vicki. I continue to be amazed at the generosity of bloggers!
    Thank you Shell for posting about my magazine publication. Your such a doll!

    I caught part of the second run of Oprah tonight, made me feel better about my obsession. LOL.
    Now to see what you got today? hummm...

  6. OHMY GOSH how beautiful!!!!!! I absolutely love it. I have spied Vicki's work... it is gorgeous!

  7. Wow - that is truly a gorgeous nest creation! What a beautiful keepsake for the ages. I'm really excited to hear you are headed to Silver Bella. I feel so fortunate that I got to attend it last year. I hope you are signed up for a bunch of swaps. They were one of my favorite parts, besides getting to know some of the rock star instructors.

  8. Don't you love it. I had to get one from Vicki when I saw them on her blog. I'm crazy about anything that has to do with birds and her nests are just gorgeous!

  9. You are one lucky blogging queen... but then again you know that it takes one (GREAT BLOGGING FRIND) to know one (especially Vicki) how great is that!!

  10. oh, so many things i want to say!!
    first, i love what your special friend, vicki, made for you. and you're right, blogging friends sometimes turn out to be our best friends. i know it's true and i can see that you do, too. WONDERFUL!!

    now, about your blogging thingy.
    every time i think about photographing my crack house and having to put it on MY OWN BLOG.......i giggle.
    oh, my gosh.
    i'll probably do it.
    good grief, the blogging world has seen my mangled foot and my "i can't believe nose bone shards went up into my brain and kill me" fall photos.
    i guess y'all have the stomach to see my studio. *still giggling*.

    you're a mess!! jan

  11. I almost died when I saw one of Vicki's nests. I just found her blog a few weeks ago and already i love her.
    Loved your hoarders post. I'm too embarrassed to show my mess but having a shop "stuff" is my life.
    nice to meet you.....came over from debra's blog.


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